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  • Your binmodpack.jar file is messed up. The modpack.jar file is simply the Forge universal binary JAR file for your chosen version of MC renamed to be "modpack.jar".
  • You have a number of woefully outdated mods: IndustrialCraft2, Project Red, bspkrsCore, etc.
  • If you intend to include IC2 in your 1.6.4 pack I highly recommend reading this post:

Fix those issues and come back here if you still have problems.

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    • By [email protected]
      Hello well my Technic launcher is infinitely in offline mode like this was out of the blue bugged and just don't think modpack anymore and not even low would be able to take it out? can't solve it
    • By FormigaZ
      There I was going to play on the technic laucher on the new pc, when suddenly ... the mods do not open I put java 7 and it still does not help ;-) SOMEBODY HELP ME
    • By Guilgamesh
      Ola Queria saber uma coisa o dono do serve que eu sou diretor esta com um problema. ele atualizou o modpackha 30 minutos  18:30 do dia 09/10/2016 Mas no Laucher o modpakc nao aparece a atualizaçao. nosso servidor esta perdendo players queriamos saber quando ira voltar com a atualizalao (Quanto tempo demora) 
      Des de Ja agradeço 
      Modpack em questao e o A Era do Futuro 1-MC
    • By Walsh2002
      im trying to play tekkit classic but everytime i try to download it it stops or freezez my launcher,
      it will not load anymore from there so i do not know what to do i have tryed many things to make it work but all have faile.
      can someone please help if they can thank you...
    • By GoofPavlica
      Alright so I have a small problem. I just updated my modpack, which was working wonderfully before. All I did was update to the newest forge version and added optifine. When technic goes to start minecraft and the modloader, it crashes and brings me back to the technic platform. I figured it was an optifine problem, so I went and temporarily removed it from the mod list; but it did the same thing. Its not giving me an error or crash report, so it must be a problem with forge. Also, should optifine be added to the pack like any other mod, or do I have to do something special like with the fps plus mod?
      Any help is greatly appreciated!
      Thanks, Goof
      Link to pack: http://www.technicpack.net/modpack/goofs-adventure-pack.580815
      Sorry no crash report
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