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Looking for Voiceactors - Champions of Thunderheim

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[NOTE] I could've posted this on the Let's play section, but this has nothing to do with lets plays and I see it as a form of art in a way! If you disagree, let me know why down below!


Heeeello lads and ladettes of all ages! I am MH, aka Megapixelz Gaming and I make videos about gaming.
I sometimes make Minecraft Machinimas and right now I have a BIG project on the works...

"Champions, Rise! Today, we will be victorious and end the dragon of the burning mountain!"

Champions of Thunderheim is a minecraft fantasy machinima series inspired by a roleplaying character I had. It is more of a serious look into Minecraft machinimas and It tells about a Dwarf called Uthar Thunderbeard and his friends. He is rebuilding his kingdom with the help of other kingdoms, but the ground he is standing on is not normal...

"There is a darkness in these lands... A curse that haunts me every single moment... But we must not stop..."

The animation is made in a program called Mine-imator and the map in game. I could use a couple of builders too, but for that task I only trust some of my good friends... I record sound by getting a file out of skype and converting it to Wav. Then I edit it if I have to and there we go. If you do want to join this project you should have a decent microphone since if it is horrible, I cannot use the sound files.

"Kysanik, Desimus... You are both champions of Thunderheim, but you are also my friends..."

Each episode would come out every or every second week on saturday, so I would need to get the sound files almost every week. Also, this is only voice acting. It is not in game acting, so you only need to do the voice since I do the other stuff in Mine-imator. I have a couple of characters ready, so here they are!

Kysanik Shadowwalk
He is the sidekick of Uthar, and he does what ever he can to protect him, since Uthar is like a brother to him.
He does have a power advantage that some people do not except. He is a werewolf, and a fierce fighter. He has learned to control his wild side, but he needs to hunt every now and then or he will get very angry and dangerous.

"What ever happens to Uthar, I will always fight by his side!"
"I prefer my meat rare... Raw even..."

Desimus Nyul
Desimus is a half dwarf, cleric of the gods. He worships the power of the light and uses it to heal his friends and fight against the darkness. He is very wise and calm and he does not get angry very fast. He is trying to teach his friend Uthar to rule his kingdom with Wisdom.

"I am a guide in your journey, a light in the dark."
"Go, you need to save him... I will wait here for a while..."

She is an angel who fell from the skies. She was sent to aid the women and children, but she was shot down by an orc warlock. Oti does not fear death, and she does not fear death. She is currently in the lands of Thunderheim and she is looking for the source of darkness in Shadowfall. She knows that Uthar will play a big part in the war against the darkness, so she tries to protect him.

"I believe... We might... Might not be able to save him..."
"Silence demon!"

Roland Bronzeraven
He is a part of the Bronzeraven family and knights of the silver-order. He was sent to Thunderheim after failing in his mission to capture a dangerous cult leader. Roland is securing the area the best he can, and is very interested in this Uthar. "Why does he always put his people first? What is the darkness surrounding Thunderheim? Why does he allow all the races to come to Thunderheim?". Roland learns a lot about life and he definetly is becoming more and more talented with the sword every day.

"And then I freed the poor man, but soon a Black knight charged at me!"
"Sir! Somebody is approaching the gates and I think he is wounded!"

Üdir of the Stonewolf Clan
He came from the northern lands, carrying his axe and supllies ready to hunt. He is a part of the Stonewolf clan which is a clan of the Northern barbarians. He loves the nature and his pet wolf is always helping him. Üdir thinks that Uthar is a brave fighter and a leader, but he needs to understand that he cannot always protect his people.

"I am Üdir of the Stonewolf clan. I have come to these lands to hunt, learn about the nature and the
people who live here."
"I wish you that Thuur'grum grants you strenght in your path..."

Elina Leafweaver
Half-elf paladin, using her sword and the power of the light. She came from the human empires of the west to aid Uthar. She thinks Uthar is doing the right thing by allowing all the races into Thunderheim. She does not know much about her elf mother, since her father took Elina and ran away to the human kingdoms when she was little. Her father said it was since the Elves wanted to train Elina into becoming a fighter, but her father wanted Elina to be something more. Her father didn't want war or battle, and Elina has started to understand him more and more every single day.

"Glad you could make it Uthar! We found this man, he was shot to the shoulder with a cross-bow!"
"Sir, do you really trust this man?"

Liberthas Nightarrow
He fought against the undead in the war of the whispering forests, but now his strenght is fading out. For some reason, his elven power is fading from him. His skills with the bow have been rusting and overall, Liberthas does not fight like always before. He was sent to Thunderheim to learn the skills again, but they might not know how bad a mistake it was...

"Is there anyone here who knows where Elina Leafweaver is?"
"Yes... I've also come to meet the king... I think he might be able to help me..."

The dragon born out of pure darkness, hate and anger... The one who destroyed the old Thunderheim... The one who ended Uthar's father... Doomclaw is a dragon who seeks to end the Thunderheim family and destroy the dwarven kingdom what now is in the land of his ancesters. Doomclaw's fury is endless and he does anything he can to burn the kingdom... Nobody has heard from him for over 30 years, but the shadow of his wings is rising no matter what...

"Fools! Your world will burn in the flame of darkness!"
"Atlast... I have been awakened! Tremble mortals, Doomclaw has re-entered your pitiful realm!"

The Necromancer
He was the one who destroyed the forests of Shadowfall and even death didn't stop him... His dark magics still create an essence around the forests and his dark tower hasn't been entered since the day when his reign of terror ended.... He might be dead, but his path hasn't ended... (Note! He won't play a huge part in season 1, but if there will ever be a season 2, we have big plans for him!)

"Return... The Crystal... To it's true owner..."
"My apprentice... I will return to the realm of the mortals... Soon... Very soon..."

Liena Blackdagger
She is a darkelf who is plotting against Uthar and Thunderheim. Nobody knows her motives, maybe not even she herself, but she is a great fighter and nobody gets on her way. She is prepared to do what ever it takes to reach her goals and she can sometimes maybe get too far in her plots...

"We share a common enemy... Lord..."
"When I finaly get a dagger through Uthar's heart... I have filled my purpouse in this realm..."

Lord Bloodmoon
He is the ancient vampyre lord that ruled the land long ago. He hates the werewolves and he was stopped by Uthar's ancesters and the old Werewolf clans... He is preparing to return and have revenge. He owned the land where Thunderheim is currently standing and his beloved manor has been forgotten and almost completely destroyed...

"I can taste the essence of your brother's blood..."
"This land is mine and I will not stop until I have reclaimed my home! Leave now or face the wrath of the blood lord!"

Skype (I prefer skype, but if you cannot have it then some other method of getting the soundfiles and contacting you):
Microphone (Does not have to be accurate, just how good it is...):
Why do you want to voice act in Champions of Thunderheim?:
What role(s) would you like to act?:
Other stuff (If you want to add a message or something...):

( [email protected] ) or just leave an application down below!

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Whoa when did the art section have voice actors.

I've been gone longer than I thought.


Anyway good luck.

I've been searching many forums for anyone who can help me with this project, I had everyone, then some dissapeared and some left, so I still have voice actors, a composer, builders and artists, but I require more voice actors with this. Hopefully some modpack fan will notice this though and gets interested... But we'll see

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  • 5 months later...

Skype  Heartless_Cal
Age: 25
Microphone: have both a relatively decent headset and a system mounted mic. not the best, but can work with.
Why do you want to voice act in Champions of Thunderheim?: Honestly? I suppose its kind of on whim. my girlfriends been pushing me to try new things and I've always been told I've a voice for radio, and tend to do all kinds of voices for GM'ing for D&D.
What role(s) would you like to act?: honestly I could pull off most of these I feel, though not so much the quieter characters. that and of course the female roles.
Other stuff (If you want to add a message or something...): I honestly just wanna see what I can do with things. I'm not expecting to really get in for this or anything. just thought it would be fun to try out. would love to see my voice on a youtube production beyond my awful letsdraw's

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