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Tekkit on External Servers

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Hello everyone,

I'm pretty new to servers, I've always used the ones that you can download from minecraft.net, and then host the server on my home PC.

I've recently started playing the Tekkit pack, and I have a lot of friends that would be interested in joining me, but alas my PC cant handle a home server and myself playing at the same time.

So, my question is this... If I rent an external Server like from http://redstonehost.com/ how easy is it to install the Tekkit pack to the server?

Is it possible? And how do I go about doing it?

Thanks in advance.

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The hosting I personally use, http://get-sourced.net can set up a Tekkit server for you if you send a support ticket, if you don't know how. Also their prices/support are awesome.

But generally, you just need FTP, and support for custom JARs. You basically upload the Tekkit server JAR and mods to the custom jars folder (if any, if not, to the main directory). This varies for every hoster though. What I see from redstonehost, you probably just submit a support ticket requesting Tekkit.

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