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Creating a flashing billboard with the Programmable Rednet Controller


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I prefer the precision sledgehammer since it is meant for MFR RedNet, and it wont turn a lot of blocks that get turned by the crescent hammer.


Also, watched the video in 1.5 time, since it felt dragging on for the building portion, though i stopped to jot down the slot information once the PRC came around, in the event someone came here just for the PRC logic (like i did, just to see how it was done compared to the way i would have done it)

Slot 1: Wave (Sqr), Pd=CNST 5, Q=VAR 0
Slot 2: Counter, INC=VAR 0, DEC=CNST 0, PRE=CNST 4, R=CNST 0, Q=VAR 2, V=VAR 1
Slot 3: DeMux 16 (Analog), I=I/O L WHITE, S=VAR 1, Q0=I/O U WHITE, Q1=I/O U ORANGE, Q2=I/O U MAGENTA, Q3=I/O U L.BLUE
Slot 4: T-FlipFlop, T=CNST 1, CLK=VAR 2, Q=VAR 3
Slot 5: And (2), I0=I/O L YELLOW, I1=VAR 3, O=I/O U YELLOW
Slot 6: Rnd (Digital), O=VAR 4
Slot 7: And (2), I0=VAR 4, I1=I/O L YELLOW, O=I/O U LIME

Few things that werent mentioned in the video: Slot 3 limits the number of "Walking Ant" lights to 16, due to the DeMux being a 16 output, and would take additional work to get more than 16. And the name of the card to expand the PRC wasn't mentioned.

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Thanks all for the replies.


Still learning the ropes but hopefully going in the right direction.


Kalbintion - thanks for the critique - noted. There was another version I was going to use that made use one of the passthroughs to get the same effect but by the time I added on separate controls to turn off each of the illuminations - took up more slots. And yes - this is limited to the 16 channels. Was trying to keep this within the 6 slots on the basic PRC although by adding in the 'faulty lamps' does take it over the limit. Wanted to do something that didn't take up shed loads of slots this time round (25 so far is my record for the shooting range controller)

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