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[64X] Sphax PureBDcraft [Tekkit 3.1/Technic 7.2] (Balkoon's weapons)

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I have put together a texturepack for Technic 7.2/Tekkit 3.1

download: https://dl.dropbox.com/s/7vx73a1pi2wlzcl/Technic7.2%20Tekkit3.1.zip?dl=1



1 download my patch

2 download the orginal pack by sphax here: http://bdcraft.net/download-purebdcraft-texturepack-for-minecraft (take the 64 one)

3 open both with a archiving program

4 drag all the stuff from my patch into the pack

5 drop the pack in the texturepck folder in Technic or Tekkit

6 select the pack and enjoy!

I did not make any of the textures, I just put them all in one single texture pack.

almost all textures are made to work with Spax, they can be found here: http://bdcraft.net/forum-bdcraft-mods-support-patches

(mostly of them is in the sticky post)

WARNING: dont use on bad computers, it will be a very laggy, you also need 2GB RAM for technicpack to not get the out of memory error.

when you first select the texture the game will freeze for about 30 sek, the wen you click the Done button it will freeze again, THEN you are ready to go!!!

pictures can be found here: http://bdcraft.net/


2.3 updated to work with Technic 7.2/Tekkit 3.1

added mystcraft, stevescarts, balcoons weapons and convertors textures.

2.2 updated to work with 7.1.0, added mo'creatures textures

2.1 changed to 64x, some texture are gone becouse they aren't in 64

this will be mutch less laggy.

2.0: CLEANUP [expect bugs], added all textures for tekkit 3 and technic 7 along with 2 new secrets :) *hint* shiny and bony *hint*

1.3 update for 6.0.7 rec. build forestry wierdblok fixed

1.2.1 quick fix: logistic pipes modules added. (I got them befor they was "officially" released >:D )

1.2: update for 6.0.7, thaumcraft textures changed to new sphax version.

1.1: update for 6.0.6, bees fixed.

1.0: first release for 6.0.5.

Textures that i can't find a sphax HD version of:


curent bugs:

when holding stuff in your hand it looks wierd [its a forge bug so i cant do anything to fix it]

additional pipes/logistic pipes wont work.

buildcraft oil/refined oil not HD.

some textures like thaumcraft and mo'creatures are not fully done yet

some pipes change texture all the time, (from HD to normal and then back again)

railcraft texturs are messed up, i fixed most of it

if you find any texture bugs, send them to me and I will se what i can do about it.


these are peoples that have helpt me with the pack:

Secretchaos: finding the CTIII bug in the GUI (dident know that somthing was missing)

Shoeboxama: teached me how to fix the millenair textures (they are not in becouse millenair isn't in technic )

Kaeltis: finding the Mo'creature patch

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Re: [128x] Sphax PureBDcraft [v6.0.5 and down]

#1 posting rule, include pictures with your uploads

Woah there partner! You might want to 'check' yourself before you 'wreck' yourself. The rules say dick-all about including a picture with your uploads, and instead put effort into it. I'd say leddy231 has a nice post here.

You know what is the new worst thing though? Backseat modding, and backseat modding of non-existent rules. If you think a post is breaking a rule, report it and move on. Don't start an argument.

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Re: Texture Pack [128x] Sphax PureBDcraft [v6.0.6 and down] [bees fixed]

The mo creatures textures need to be manually replaced with the textures in the "resources" folder. So you cant automatically apply them through a texture pack.

but i dont even have mo'creatures texture.

if you mean the millener textures i have seen a pack with the textures in it, no need for some replaces.

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Re: Texture Pack [128x] Sphax PureBDcraft [v6.0.6 and down] [bees fixed]

Are the IC2 textures updated in this? Cause the version of this I have [32x] doesn't have sprites for LapPack, Overclocker upgrade, and a few more, including Bees.

yepp, updated to v1.70 of IC2

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Re: Texture Pack [128x] Sphax PureBDcraft [v6.0.7 and down] [logistic pipes fixed]

What would the texture pack do to shut down my game? It doesn't even come up with a crash error screen.

did you give it 2GB of memory to use?

and if your comp is old and rusty, dont use it, its VERY power eating.

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