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Building A Modpack...


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I also have a few other questions


-Which mod replants seeds when right clicked on a fully grown crop?


-What mod allows sorting by clicking "R" or "Mouse3"?


-Which mod has the advanced options menu when you press "O"? (I think it might be forge but I am not sure...)


-What mod in Attack of the B team and Big Dig, allows more frequent ore generating?

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         So I have everything that I want, I followed the instructions on the main page of the Technic Platform on how to make a Modpack. I made 4 folders: "bin" (Which includes all the Minecraft 1.6.4 class files and folders that are in the original 1.6.4 minecraft.jar) "config" (I didn't have anything in the folder because I am certainly not a coder and I am not sure what to do) "coremods" (Which I put all of the specified core mods in, I don't think forge is a core mod if I am correct) and "mods" (Where I put all of my specified mod files, all of the .zip's and .jar's).


          I then added them to an archive onto my desktop named "MyModpack.jar" just to see if it would run... sadly it did not... the window just says it is an invalid or corrupt file. I think I might be missing the other file from the original Version folder for 1.6.4 as in the .json file. However, I am not sure how it all works, as in where would the file be placed in the .jar, since I have never tooken a proper computer class in my life, most of my knowledge is based off of the internet. I also noticed that the small tutorial looks somewhat outdated so maybe the process has changed?


Any feedback is appreciated! Thank You!

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configs folder should just be a copy/paste of the modpack you have ran once already and resolved ID Conflicts, the bin folder doesnt need the vanilla files, only the universal forge jar renamed to modpack.jar. coremods folder isnt necessary anymore for 1.6.4 and all mods belong in the mods folder.


Then that itself is zipped up, and it is the one used to uploaded to a place and a custom modpack is made on the technic platform (main page, register/sign in, dashboard, new modpack) and thats what will be downloaded when you add the pack to the launcher, you do not run the zip itself.

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  • 4 weeks later...

I know it has been a while, but I just haven't had the time...


I copied a "1.6.4.jar" file and renamed it "Modpack.jar" and I run it and it just doesn't work?


Does the config folder appear when I actually succeed to run the Modpack.jar file?


And I'm just assuming the mod folder just needs to be dropped into the Modpack.jar file...


Is there something I'm doing wrong?

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You need a website that allows a direct link to the files.

Dropbox allows this, but it may need a few clicks to find said link. (Although I think it's just as easy as right-clicking the files and selecting an option)


In short, though. If you need to click a button to start the download, it's not going to work.

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