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Nyacraft [Whitelist][No Banned Items][Small][30 Slots]

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Small 30 slot server looking for active and friendly people to join.

No banned Items, but if items start causing severe server lag or crashes they will be banned.

This is my own private server on a brand new world. Everything is fresh and new. I have not even logged into the world yet.

If you wish to join please fill out the application and you will be accepted asap.

For those that applied and were accepted to the past world, please just message me. The world had to be deleted and I have been working on fixing it which I now have.






No Griefing/Stealing

No random PvP

No Harassing other players

Keep chat clean

Use Common Sense

Have Fun








Skype: Yes or No


How often do you play?:


Favorite Game:


Favorite Anime:


Other Games you Play:

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Hey, I'd love to join.

- IGN : TheSilverHawk
- Age : 17, soon to be 18.
- Yes, I have skype.
- How often do I play? : Well.. I don't really play much MC, but I can be online for a couple of hours every day.
- Favorite game? : Dishonored ( or GMOD )
- Favorite anime? : FMA
- I play a lot of other games, here's my Steam account, check it if you want. - http://steamcommunity.com/id/the_silver_hawk/

That's all from me, hope to hear from you soon.

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I would love to join!


IGN: Afiel


Age: 20


Skype: No I dont use it anymore


How often do you play?: I can play almost everyday when i am not busy


Favorite Game: Ragnarok Online MC


Favorite Anime: Blue Exorcist


Other Games you Play: Ragnarok, League of Legends


Awesome server to be on.

Hoping you would accept!

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IGN: SIlverMoon09




Skype:No (soon to come)


Reason: I love servers like this, small...I also just love this modpack!


I get on about 3 days during the week about 1-2 hours, on the weekend I play much longer and have more time to play MC.


Favorite Game: Minecraft


Favorite Anime: Death Note (so many choices  :unsure:  ^_^)

Other Games: Feral Heart, Dragons Den, Sims,Wolf Soul.

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IGN: Shurken


Age: 20


Skype: Yes


How often do you play?: Not a lot, but I was trying to find an aotbt server which I would play A LOT on!


Favorite Game: Most games that my friends play, LoL, and hopefully minecraft again. I haven't really played a lot of minecraft because nobody I know plays it but when I played FTB a while back I did nothing but play minecraft with a small community(10 people or so)


Favorite Anime: I don't watch a lot of anime anymore but I liked bleach a while back when I was a teen!


Other Games you Play: LoL, Gmod, Rust, Unturned, CS:GO, BF4, really whatever I can play with friends lol :)

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IGN: soopercoop


Age: 14


Skype: Yes


How often do you play?: Friday-Sunday mostly, for about 2 hours each day.


Favorite Game: League of Legends/Terraria/Minecraft equally


Favorite Anime: Sword Art Online


Other games you Play: League of Legends, Terraria, Goat Simulator, Team Fortress 2, Unturned, and a few others.

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IGN: SgtPiggy




Skype: Yes, (Sgtpiggy2)


How often do you play?: friday, saturday, sunday but that may change in awhile if i get my situation worked out, for now, it's weekends and breaks (sometimes)


Favorite Game: right now, it's this. some other favorites are The Last of Us, Alan Wake, and Battlefield 4


Favorite Anime: Samurai Champloo


Other Games you Play: Battlefield4, Rocksmith 2014, CIV 5. i have a ton of other games but i can't play them yet


I really hope I can get to know you guys!

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Skype: Yes


How often do you play?:everyday


Favorite Game:dont have a favorite i play to many games to have a favorite lol


Favorite Anime:not sure


Other Games you Play:alot of games bf4,simcity,minecraft,heros&generals,and sooooo many more

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IGN: maguirekrist


Age: 15


Skype: Yes or No: Yes


How often do you play?: Every day.


Favorite Game: Minecraft or CSGO


Favorite Anime: I don't enjoy eastern cultures, cartoons. 


Other Games you Play: CSGO, Destiny, Leauge of Legends, Borderlands 2, COD Ghost.

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