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Liquified Ender bucket?


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I smelted some ender pearls in the smeltery (tinker's construct) into a Block of Solid Ender. I couldn't figure out what to do with the thing besides make beacons so I decided to smelt it again and put it into a bucket using the casting table. Now it's in a bucket and I can't seem to do ANYTHING with it. What can I possibly use this for? I can't put it back into the smeltery and since it's not cross-mod-compatible with the Resonant Ender Bucket, so it won't go in the fluid transposer or craft anything. It doesn't seem to serve a purpose and I hope I didn't waste all those ender pearls.


Anyone know what to do with the Liquified Ender bucket?

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That is the only use I can think of and or can find on the Tinkers Construct Wiki. 


I actually did the same thing in my world when I first tried to make the bucket of ender stuff. Its somewhere in my storage system now, have no idea what to do with it. Will probably stay there until the world is closed. 

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