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Game freezes when I go near my base

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I had a similar problem some time ago. When I was in a certain area and looking a certain direction I got massive frame rate drops for no appearant reason. I had just started that world, so I simply deleted it and started over. Haven't seen the problem since then. I didn't make a tracker post on it then because I lacked any substantial info on what was causing it.

I hope you manage to find a solution sicne deleting an established world is no fun.

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I opened the console and this is what it showed me.

2014-09-17 17:18:37 [WARNING] [Minecraft-Client] Memory connection overburdened; after processing 2500 packets, we still have 51769 to go!
[b#439]  2014-09-17 17:18:37 [iNFO] [Minecraft-Server] Saving and pausing game...
[b#439]  2014-09-17 17:18:37 [iNFO] [Minecraft-Server] Saving chunks for level 'A Hole New World'/Overworld
[b#439]  2014-09-17 17:18:38 [sEVERE] [ForgeModLoader] An Entity type net.minecraft.entity.passive.EntityVillager has thrown an exception trying to write state. It will not persist. Report this to the mod author
[b#439]  net.minecraft.util.ReportedException: Saving entity NBT
[b#439]   at net.minecraft.entity.Entity.func_70109_d(Entity.java:1605)
[b#439]   at net.minecraft.entity.Entity.func_70039_c(Entity.java:1545)
[b#439]   at net.minecraft.world.chunk.storage.AnvilChunkLoader.func_75820_a(AnvilChunkLoader.java:292)
[b#439]   at net.minecraft.world.chunk.storage.AnvilChunkLoader.func_75816_a(AnvilChunkLoader.java:127)
[b#439]   at net.minecraft.world.gen.ChunkProviderServer.func_73242_b(ChunkProviderServer.java:232)
[b#439]   at net.minecraft.world.gen.ChunkProviderServer.func_73151_a(ChunkProviderServer.java:284)
[b#439]   at net.minecraft.world.WorldServer.func_73044_a(WorldServer.java:899)
[b#439]   at net.minecraft.server.MinecraftServer.func_71267_a(MinecraftServer.java:360)
[b#439]   at net.minecraft.server.integrated.IntegratedServer.func_71217_p(IntegratedServer.java:124)
[b#439]   at net.minecraft.server.MinecraftServer.run(MinecraftServer.java:484)
[b#439]   at net.minecraft.server.ThreadMinecraftServer.run(SourceFile:583)
[b#439]  Caused by: java.lang.NullPointerException
[b#439]   at net.minecraft.village.MerchantRecipe.func_77395_g(SourceFile:107)
[b#439]   at net.minecraft.village.MerchantRecipeList.func_77202_a(SourceFile:127)
[b#439]   at net.minecraft.entity.passive.EntityVillager.func_70014_b(EntityVillager.java:241)
[b#439]   at net.minecraft.entity.Entity.func_70109_d(Entity.java:1588)
[b#439]   ... 10 more
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