Minecraft With Bros|Agarian Skies 3.14|gray list |No Banned items |18+| Chat via Skype

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Pack: Agrarian Skies 3.14


1. Please be respectful of others
2. Please keep swearing at a minimum.This is a family oriented server.
3. Griefers will be banned and their names submitted to ALL the main banned players websites, so please be respectful of others and their items.
4. No lewd or sexual talk in the main chat. Violators will get 1 warning, then a ban if repeated.
5. Playing on this server if accepted, is a privilege not a right. Again, please be respectful of others.
6. Have fun! Thats why we play Minecraft right? =)

Greylist applicants must submit a reply in the following format.

Minecraft IGN:
What valuable traits and skills can you bring to the server?
Have you been banned on a MC server? If yes, Why?
When do you usually play?
Where are you from? (country is fine, also if in the USA what state?

Additional server info:

We are a new small server that exists purely for the use of some family and friends. We are inviting 2 players to join us, to add to the family dynamic, and to add some variety to our lives =) The server is a fresh Ararian Skies map, with a central hub and 8 islands. (4 of which are being occupied by myself and my brothers. =) If you are interested in playing with us, please leave your whitelist application. We love playing this modpack, we have lots of fun, and we don't set banned items or machine limits, because this pack was built to give us freedom in our builds. hope to hear from you all soon!

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Entries here need to have a platform entry included. It doesn't have to be your own entry, but it does have to be your own server and it does have to be a technic client accessible pack.

FTB client packs doesn't count.

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