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Issues with fission reactor(reactor cell) & thermometer

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I set up a fission reactor and I placed a thermometer right next to it. I then connected the thermometer via rednet cable to a sticky piston/control rod setup. For some reason, the thermometer just seems to be gauging the temperature of the water surrounding the reactor and not the reactor itself. The result: I keep having to take the fissile fuel rod out really fast to avoid explosion. I don't want to do this. I want it all to be pretty much self sufficient. What am I doing wrong here?


P.S. Yes, the colored bands on either side of the rednet cable are the same color.

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Not glitchy, just very outdated and not maintained any more, thus suffering from bugs.

The follow-up mod and heir to Atomic Science is Resonant Induction, which is not in Tekkit at this point.


From what I hear, people only use Fusion Reactors from that mod and consider Fission Reactors broken and unusable. For easy large-scale power generation, you want BigReactors. A tutorial with that and many other things is >here.

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Solar doesn't work properly, either. We only have Galacticraft Solar Modules, which are glitchy and also have conversion bugs when used with Thermal Expansion gear.

I lined out the available power options in my >guide, in point 16 and onward. There is a complete building guide for a small Yellorium Reactor in there that will work fine.

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    • By Jotacraft95
      I don´t seem to be able to finda way to automatically imput a new fuel rod to the reactor, and 40 min is a way too small timer for me to keep an eye for. i tried cmputercraft and itemducts but none of those see to do  the job. any other ideas?
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      I was on a Voltz server setting up a fission reactor so I could power my base. But I left the reactor with the breeder fuel rod in it, and it had a melt down. I rebuilt it and kept an eye on it, when my piston pushed my control rod next to the reactor, it failed to stop the reactor and it kept heating. 
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      P.S. I was using Voltz 2.0.4. My voltz version won't update so updating won't help.
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      As you are seeing on screen shot, it is not disabled, and it is default setting..
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      So I've built a fission reactor and for some reason when the temperature rises above the warning level, there's no redstone signal emitted. Anyone know if this is a bug? Been fiddling around with it for hours.
      If i remove and then re-add the redstone wire, the redstone signal is emitted. then once it returns to the base 22 degrees, it won't switch off to let the water heat up again.
      Any help much appreciated
      * I meant AS, not AE
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