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    • By Plet53

      IP :
      We have a discord! http://discord.gg/YJ4pvAk
      NUCLEAR_REVENGEANCE is a unique casual factions experience. Rather than participating in all out war, the separate factions oprate civilly with one another. We're a mature, casual group, ready to learn and to teach. Choose a side, and build something truly glorious with your team! EXPECTED UPTIME: 24/7, SUBJECT TO CHANGE

      Endless ocean, as far as the eye might see.

      A fractured land, removed from reality

      A truly living place, infused with earthen might.
      Players must join at least one faction
      Each faction dimension has a specifc teleportation method to get back to spawn. Do not modify these under any circumstances.
      Main bases are to be limited to your faction's home dimension.
      No griefing or theft of any sort.
      All quarries and similar mass-mining machines and devices are to be limited to the Deep Dark.
      PVP is limited to dueling circumstances, i.e. agreement on both ends.
      Don't expect every player to be an expert.
      Report all issues to staff.
      Chat is fully un-censored.
      Rulebreakers will be dealt with on a case by case basis. We will not hesistate to ban anyone.
      Staff word is law. Any existing lawbooks may be edited to reflect changes.
      Gentlemen's Protocol
      Do not complain without reason. Critique and whining are two very different things.
      Do not slide insults into pleasant conversation. If you're going to be rude, be direct.
      Angel ring (Unlimited creative-style flight is simply broken)
      Wither spawning inside of Spectre room (Allows users to obtain unobtainable blocks)

      So what are you waiting for?
      IP :
    • By Lordpatato21
      I made a private Tekkit Lite SMP server.
      If you want to join, just send me your skype.
    • By v1t0man36658
      Hi everyone, my name is Vito and I am glad to announce a new custom made mod pack named "Forsaken Border's Trinity". This Mod Pack consist's of 146 gorgeous mods packed into something incredible. We tried balancing the genres all into one which I think we have done. The genres in this modpack is "Magic", "Tech", and "Nature". This mod pack was originally intended to be a private mod pack, but looking back on how good it is (personally) we thought it would be nice to share it with the community. I understand many people will just look at this thread and leave but its fine. We just thought we would share it with the community. 
      What does this modpack have?
      -We offer 146 gorgeous mods, new and old. 
      -A White-Listed Server For This Mod Pack
      -24/7 Mod Pack Support Via Email
      Wait, there's a server?
      Correct, this mod pack was made for the "Forsaken Border's" Community, we own a Semi-Vanilla Server for 1.8 and all the players decided they wanted a modded Forsaken Border's Server too. So we started working on it. Through conflict problems, crashes, low FPS. We finally managed to fix everything up and released it to our community. Of course, since now we are sharing the mod pack to the public we made the server a whitelisted server. Players who do not belong to the community CAN join the community! So if you enjoy the mod pack and want to play it with friends, well now its the time to ask. Since the Guidelines and Rules prevent us from posting applications from open forum websites, it's located in our "Overview" section in our Technic URL. 
      If I manage to join the server, what are the rules?
      1. No Griefing at all. This is strictly forbidden.
      2. No Stealing items from chest's or anything that belongs to a different player.
      3. Do not insult each other with offensive language.
      4. Minimum cursing is allowed (but do not direct the curse words to players)
      5. Do not spam other different server's in the chat or spam anything else.
      6. Do not ask staff or the owner to give you items from the creative tab.
      7. Do not spam teleport request's to players or anything similar.
      Are there any server plugins?
      Indeed! We managed to include KCauldron 1.7.10 on the server meaning we can add plugins on a modded server. 
      Plugins included currently are:
      1. World Edit
      2. World Guard
      3. Lockette 
      4. CoreProtect
      5. AcceptRules
      6. PermissionsEX
      7. Essentials
      I like it so far, what are the mod's included?:
      Here is the full list of mods,
      -Advanced Genetics
      -Animal Bikes
      -Archimedes Ships
      -BiblioWoods (Biomes O Plenty Edition)
      -BiblioWoods (Natura Edition)
      -Biomes O Plenty
      -Build Craft
      -Carpenter Blocks
      -Chisel 2
      -Compact Machines
      -Custom Swords
      -Dense Ores
      -Dragon Mounts
      -Enhanced Portals 2
      -Extra Utilities
      -Fast Craft
      -Food Plus
      -Fossils Archaeology Revival
      -Galactic Craft
      -4Space (Tons of new planets for Galactic Craft)
      -Garden Stuff
      -Hamsterrific Mod
      -Inventory Tweaks
      -Iron Chests
      -Liquid XP
      -Malisis Doors
      -Map Writer (Might Be Switched With JourneyMap)
      -MineFactory Reloaded
      -MrCrayFish Furniture
      -NEI Addons
      -Not Enough Items
      -Not Enough Keys
      -Open Blocks
      -Open Eyes
      -Optifine (HD Edition)
      -Project Red
      -Random Things
      -SecretRooms Mod
      -Simply Jetpacks
      -SuperCrafting Frame
      -Sync Mod
      -Tinker's Construct
      -Thermal Dynamics
      -Thermal Expansion
      -Thermal Foundation
      -Torch Levers
      -Trail Mix
      -Twilight Forest
      -Weather 2
      -MC Heli (Realistic Planes, Jets, Fighter Planes)
      How can I run the mod pack correctly?
      It is extremely recommended to run the mod pack with at least 2 GB of RAM since we have quite a lot of mods. 
      So where is the Technic URL to download it?
      Our ModPack Showcase link is :
      Our Mod Pack Download Link is :
      Hope to see you there!
      Oh and do not forget to tell me what you think!
    • By stonergirl
      Addicticraft Tekkit Server
      We are a Survival Tekkit Server but we have many other servers in Progress. On Top of having to survive the outside against the mobs, you are able to build with friends. We have plenty in store for the server and to make a place where players can have a challenge with mobs, craft Tekkit Items and go to the Moon.
      The owners Bruce and I have previously owned/ran minecraft servers in the past and know the ropes and experienced minecraft/tekkit server owners. We do our best to ensure our players can play somewhere where theres friendly players, helpful staff members, fun events and as well as pvp.    We have an effective protection system for blocks placed as well as your stuff.
      Come join us in the Tekkit server by using the technic launcher and using the bluerocket picture for Technic. IP:
      1. Placing blocks to cover people is bannable.
      2. No spamming or advertising
      3. No hacking/ exploiting/ cheating of any kind
      4. If you find any exploits, tell a staff member
      5. No griefing.
      6. Dont ask for staff position.
      7. Respect both staff and the players on the server
      Some items are banned due to the issue they are used to dupe items or cause major destruction to a server. Dont have a complete list but there are some items listed on our enjin site. We are currently still going through all the items. Some are: Turtles, matter cannons, needleguns, SPAMR launcher, sacred rubber tree, plastic bag, florb, confiscate module, anti personal module, descinagration module, sponge module, block breaker, minecart tnt, plasma, trade booth, and drums.
      Disabled Mods:
      Balkons Weapons, Inv tweaks, redstone in motion and more.
      Message me or join in the server at IP:
      Website: http://addicticraft.enjin.com
      We also are almost done with our MOB ARENA!!! We have been big before and are working our way back up!!
    • By lordsam17
      We are a friendly community hoping to expand. The server has been a couple of days now had a amazing outcome.
      we have player based economy which you can own a shop yourself.
      we have grief prevention so everything is protected.
      minigames and much more coming very soon