Finished Building new Gaming PC

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Hi :D


I went mad this week and thought i'd go crazy and get the best computer parts out there and build my self a crazy computer xD


heres the specs:

 - Intel Core I7-5930K 3.5/3.7GHz 6 cores, 12 threads

 - 64GB DDR4 2133MHz RAM 68GB/s

 - Dual HyperX 480GB SSD 555MB/s write 510MB/s read

 - Dual Western Digital 2TB HDD (Idk the speeds) RAID1.

 - Dual nVidia Titan Z GPUs :D

 - I don't have a disk tray as I really don't need one

 - Ice cold water cooling

 - cool red lights at the side :D

 - PCI Express Revision 3.0

 - 40 PCI Express Lanes

 - Very VERY noisy -_-

 - over 900 fps on tekkit with settings on high!

 - 11 second boot speed from HDD, 2 second boot speed from SSD (measured with wisecare)

 - Linux Debian 7 Wheezy OS.


It's phenominal. The power is BAAUUUSSSS!!! Omg but the power bill isnt gonna be pretty xD

(The whole thing cost me about £5000 GBP).


I was sooo drunk last night. had like 10 cans of rum/coke and 2 bottles of vodka (small) lol.


Anyways - thanks for reading my post on my stupidly mad pc.




P.S I have the worlds shittest internet... no kidding.

Look at these internet results v.v:


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Usually noise is in the disk drives and power supply. I had a quiet setup until I had to install a Western Digital 1T drive to make up for a failing second drive. Now it has an audible hum every time it's on. :P

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What do you plan on using 64 GB of RAM for?

Also, you wasted your money on those Titans. A pair of 980s would have been better for gaming.

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Man it's really loud, I'm changing the ice cold water cooling to a better model, it's that thats causing the sound (the pump, yes my computer has a pump)

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