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Hello there fellow technic players! I am DerpShadow152, a 13 year old casual gamer. My channel mostly contains minecraft, but I do play other games. In this let's play, I want feedback and suggestions from you guys because that's what a let's play is all about, right? Anyways, here is the first video:




Link to the playlist: 

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    • By Anubite51
      I installed the modpack and have 64 bit java most updates java 8 162.  I start the modpack through the launcher and it loads assets, but then disappears for an instant and it's done.  That's it.  I would upload the log, but there isn't enough space.  Please help.
    • By Chicken_Skid
      I just downloaded the Technic launcher and decided to download a Modpack, ''Test Pack Please Ignore'' and when it was finished downloading, it said i had 1 GB of ram and not 2.5 GB, it also said i needed a 64 bit Version of Java, and i could get one by clicking on a link it gave me, But i clicked it, and nothing happend. So i downloaded the latest version of Java, which was 64 bit. It was listed by x64 on the website, But still, i get the error. I have a Windows 8.1 Laptop that is 64 bit and does have 2.5 GB. What do i do?
      Nevermind. It works. Just needed to give the launcher a restart after downloading Java.
    • By cazeto
      So I just got my new laptop a Lenovo Y50 with following specs:
      Intel i7 4910HQ (2.5 - 3.5GHz)
      Nvidia GeForce 860m 2 GB
      8 GB RAM
      256 GB SSD
      now when I try to run any modpack for that matter, my framerate drops to unplayable 20 FPS, sometimes it jumps up to 40, but that's it.
      Since I have a laptop with 2 graphic cards (Geforce and Intel) I have set the techniclauncher.exe and jawaw.exe to run with the Geforce in the Nvidia control panel, but it doesn't help.
      Can this really be true? That I can't run these modpacks? I got friends with lower specs than I do, and they run them just fine!
      I'm sorry if I posted this thread the wrong place, I'm new to this forum, and I - to be quite honest - couldn't figure it out :-D
      Cheers - Simon
    • By morlanius
      LifeMUD Game server now runs TPPI!
      Tired of being spoon-fed items or currency, think that teleportation is over used? Thought so!
      Join LifeMUd game server where we are working on a project using TPPI where we are stripping away game ruining mechanics and creating a user generated world. The concept being that the players can take control over regions of land and establish trade routes etc. We have Towny and other plugins make this possible. In time mayors will have the opportunity to have their town elected as a possible start town for new players (At that time new players will spawn in a start selection area). Role-playing players are welcome although this is not a role play server we accommodate for role players.
      The Dev/Admin team is formed of a mature group of like-minded, passionate minecrafters.
      We are spicing up the server with customized plugins as well as completely LifeMUD exclusive plugins. We also have a great website with voting options for a few extra credits, a dynamic map and instructions for our voice services.
      Can you handle it?
      Website: http://www.lifemud.com
      Server address: lifemud.com
      Running on dedicated hardware with 99.99% up time
    • By Geistes
      Thanks for playing everyone, Geistes's TPPI server has shutdown.

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