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Hi ( sorry for my not so good english)


I hope i put this in the good section ...



I have created a modpack a fews month ago, to play with my friend. i have after look for popular modpack and i have see something weird, i wonder, why in my modpack personnalisation, i dont have this section ? or the option to add it ?


My modpack :





A popular random modpack :





why i dont have theses sections ?


thx for answers :)

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Someone correct me if i'm wrong.


"Mod List" will show if you use TechnicSolder(Link) to distribute the pack.


And "Permissions & Licensing" will show if you have typed any text in Permissions & Licensing, it's under Changelog when editing your modpack

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It's possible but requires some doing, and at the moment the Technic Solder aren't so user friendly to setup. It requires for you to know how to setup a web server and so on.


It might be more work than it's worth, if it just you and your friend are using the pack. But the option is there if you like a challenge :)

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