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FFG Adam

How To Really Get A Message Across

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In your server mods and admins may tend to kick and/or ban people for x amount of time. If it aint perma, they will keep coming back and the message wont get across. Hackers for example will just rejoin the server or prevent banning depending on how they run their "Methods" but to really get across to them there is one simple thing that will stop them, but if it wont stop them, keep doing it every week till they stop.


Destroying their things.


I got this idea from one of Zexy Zek's trolling vids, I suggested it to the Admins (I was a moderator at the time) and they followed through. By punishing them not with a ban but with material value being chucked away, they tended to stop if you told them why it happened. This method keeps people on the server and its more fun for the mods/admins. WARNING: This will not work if you have a very large server. If it is too large, people might come to check it out or live nearby and get harmed by you and leave.

Don't take my advice if you don't want to, it worked on my server because we would spread the hackers inventory around the server and be fair about the methods  :)

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