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Replacement Eletrical Engine?

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So as we all know the Forestry Mod will be removed in the next update of Technic/Tekkit. I was wondering what I could use to convert IC2 power (EU from a nuclear reactor, solar panels and such) To buildcraft power to power say a quarry.

I found this, http://www.tekkitwiki.co.uk/index.php/Power_Converters, and the Energy Link looks like what im looking for.

My current setup is MSFU -> HVT -> MVT -> LVT -> Glass fibre cable -> Eletrical Engine -> Quarry

What would my setup need to be when the time of 1.2.5 Tekkit comes?

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Energy link -> wooden conductive pipe (no need for an engine on it) -> gold conductive pipes (for less loss) -> machine. Energy links don't match the power output (and therefore IC power used) to demand so you want to run several things off one link to reduce wastage of power.

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