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Mod Pack Error


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Most Be In Public Folder On DropBox Unfortunatly Dropbox Does not Give this for Free :C But I Can Host It For You And Gives You Link To Place :)

BTW You Need to Make Bin xD I can Fix All For You :) If you Wont Ofcourse


Sory For My Eng :c

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Haha. The pack is called SCTP (Squirt's Tech) On the server, the group that 'runs' the server is called Squirt's Co. Pay them in-game money, get items in game. So why didnt i just name the pack Squirt's Co since everybody is going to be using the company to get items?

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Craft Theft Auto Craft Andreas 

Critical Error

SCP Craft Reload


These Are My Modpack's


I Can Fix Your Modpack on 1.5.2 But I recommend to Be On MC 1.6.4 I will make it  Works On Java 8u20

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Is there anywhere i can put it for free? Or do i have to pay for a dropbox?

You Can Use Copy.com Its Better Than Dropbox 

Copy Gives you 15G Free Space and You Don't have to make Public Folder just do any folder then copy public Link of your .zip


I Have Done Your Modpack its Updated to MC 1.6.4 And Java 8u20

All Same Mods And Some Addons If You won't to remove My Addons Here is a List


IC2 Advanced Solar Panels

IC2 Advanced Machines

IC2 Compact Solard


Smooth Bedrock

Optifine HD D1 Standart  


Do not Remove Lib and Bin Folder !!!


Here is A Link to Zip Download It And Upload On Copy.com :)


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For voltz, you can download the latest version, the recommended version, and most old versions, how do i do that?

No one Know how to do that :

you can only change When you Edite Modpack One Web

BTW Can you send Me Link :)

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