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[3.1.2] Xeon Gaming Tekkit 3 Server, [PvE/PVP], [60 SLOT], [GREYLISTED], [ONLY ANCHORS REMOVED]


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IGN: malopersiptus

Reason for wanting to become a member: So I can expand on what i can do on the server and to get to spawn and to my home faster.

Why should we accept you: I really enjoy this server and this is my first tekkit server so i want to try to do what i can to enjoy.

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Currently the server is having a few issue with the host.

Im afraid their is no ETA on when we can get this sorted out. Im about to head to bed because its late, and im not sure when stavlor can get some time to look at it. Remeber he does have a job also.

So, i recommend playing other games for now, and trying again tommorrow or later on this evening/morning.

We dont know the direct details so i cant provide them

sorry for the inconvience.

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IGN: Honguitox

Reason for Wanting to become a member: I expect a lot to become a member because I like tekkit servers and play with my friends building things, exploring, and sharing a community.

Why should we accept you: I think you should become a member because I am not looking for trouble with anyone and I would like to play without griff nothing. thanks

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IGN: Sanca_Tor

The reason for wanting to become a member: I like tekkit and having Home and LWC make me feel safe on a server don't like playing with strangers without

Why should we accept you: I never grief, try to build away from other players unless i plan to build with them, and i like to experiment with many of the tekkit mods so i may be able to teach new players a few tricks.

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Reason for wanting to become a member:I already have a bunch of items and I would not like to restart on a different server. I would also like to set home in my house so i don't have to walk 5,000 blocks to get to my home.

Why should we accept you:Why would I waste my time to type all this if I didn't really want to join the server.

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Earlier today I was banned for greifing. The people that accused me of this were what I thought were m friends until they destroyed my safe and said I had to leave. I took the machines I had built and gathered materials for and that was considered greifing by the admins. I am sorry for anything the admins have thought I have done but keep in mind I looked up on YouTube and people's names that accused me of greifing and I found they had a trolling channel. I hope that you may revoke the ban on my name because well , there aren't very many good servers out there. Sincerely , fisher02254

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Reason for wanting to become a member: Server seems nice enough, Some staff have suggested that I do it. I want to play on a server regularly and this one is a good choice.

Why should we accept you: I'm helpful and will give my time to solve others problems. I've become friends with several staff members who suggest I join and be give a promotion, but those are their words :3 Thanks for reading it!

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IGN: DrJansen

Reason for wanting to become a member: so i can become a part of your awesome server

Why should we accept you: i am nice, often helpful ( when I am busy making machines i sadly don't have any time to help ) and I found a nice place where I would like to set my home

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PLEASE NOTE: We now have a website that all the latest news about the server will be posted. This is now our main discussion so anything you need, you may post on there on. Any requests for plugins or any problems you have please post there! Link is below :)




Xeon Gaming community is a lag free, friendly community. This is our recently new 32 slot tekkit 3 server with some additional plugins to make the gaming experience even better. We first created the community last year with a normal minecraft server but ran into a problem with the cost. Now this has been sorted we have decided to expand our range into a tekkit server, using our experienced admins and staff we enable the server to be a safe and lag free place to have fun and enjoy the game for what it is, a game.

Current Admins:

Community leader: Kimbo1893

Community leader: Redh4wk

Server Admin: Stavlor


New Teamspeak 3 Server! We have recently just set up a teamspeak server in order for you to all come and enjoy a laugh with the staff, members and the admins themselves!

Teamspeak IP: xeongaming.instantts.net:3960


Guests dont get any access to plugins, You may play the game and build as you wish (as we believe in a far place to play instead of having to apply) however you have to apply in order to use our plugins.

Please use the template below and post onto this fourmn post in order to apply. Let a staff or member know (admins will regularly check this fourmns) and we will have a look it at ASAP!


Reason for wanting to become a member:

Why should we accept you:


1. No mods of any kind are aloud on the server (that arent involved in tekkit),

2. No Xray mods or Xray texture packs are allowed.

3. Stealing and Griefing are NOT allowed.

4. Any exploitation of Minecraft mechanics is no aloud, and if found MUST be reported to a staff or admin ASAP.

5. No CAPS, Racism, or swearing in chat channels.

6. Always respect all staff members and most importantly all other players.

7. If you have a question or problem please ask kindly in the server chat (do not spam chat)

8. No SPAMMING in chat.

9. No killing people under any condition

10. Do not create or place world anchors


EE - we havnt disabled this as we feel its apart of something big in the game. (We are aware of a dupe bug inside EE, if found using it, we will ban instantly)

However we have disabled black hole bands and void rings, due to a big dup glitch that has been found.

IC - Industrial Craft - Placement of Nukes is disabled.

Wireless Redstone - Disabled due to server crashes

Red Power - Nothing is disabled.

Buildcraft - Nothing is disabled.

ComputerCraft - Nothing is disabled.

Railcraft - Nothing is disabled.

Iron chests - Nothing is disabled.

And a few more.

We have also disabled World Anchors and Teleport Tethers as we were having an issue with chunk loaders!


Essentials (Member +) - Basic plugin for basic commands such as home and warps. PLEASE NOTE: YOU MUST APPLY FOR MEMBER ON THIS FOURMNS

LWC (Member +) - /lwc or /cprivate to lock a chest/door.

Logblock (Staff +) - Basic griefing protection, All up and running and ready to catch griefers!

ChopTree2 - Finnaly we have been able to get this plugin on our server! Just chop the bottom of the tree, and watch the magic happen!

There are many other plugins we use to maintain the server, If you wish to know some of them you can use /plugins to find out.



The donation system is now set up! click above to donate to the server!

The donation system stated below is a temporary donation system, but will be used in upcoming updates to the system and therefore is still safe to use for now. Any upgrades to vip that are made you will automatically gain access too!

Our donation system works more of a subscription. All donations go towards paying for the bill for the server. We do not use any of the money for anything that doesn't benefit the server.

=== Donation system ===

Cost: £3 for 1 month(Sterling) (other currency is accepted as long as when converted it hits £3)

Title: [VIP] - Light purple Color

Perks: Access to /back, enabled to tp to your death location. set 3 different homes. Access to tp, and tpahere. Access to /jump (also using a compasS). Access to your own brand new VIP world. Reserved slots on the server!.

We are going to add more plugins to this ASAP.

We hope that you will enjoy our community and our server. We hope to see you soon!


Image of the house of one of our members.


The second image above shows a house that a member has created on our server. You can clearly see all the different mods that are available on the server


Another one of our members houses. The big condensor flowers are easily made out here and you can tell that the member has spent time planning what he will do next.

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IGN: ljthemf

Reason for wanting to become a member:I would like to move on to MP tekkit due to lonely solo sessions with myself.

Why should we accept you: I'm still learning tekkit, but that doesn't mean I can't contribute to the server community.

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