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I've been having problems getting one of my Solder-enabled packs to link properly to the Platform beta. Of my three Solder packs, only one of them is failing to properly link (and of course it's the one I NEED to be linked properly right now...).


Despite having Solder configured and linked on my profile, and the pack in question claiming to have a successful link on the Edit Modpack page, the main modpack page still says that the modpack isn't properly configured (and needs a link to a zip or Solder configuration). I've tried unlinking and relinking Solder (both on live and beta platform). I wanted to try to generate a new API key for beta and relink, but there's no button to generate a new key at the moment. I'd rather not delete and re-create the pack on the platform to keep my users from having to reinstall.


When I try to run the pack from the launcher using the version installed by the live launcher, the launcher tries to update the pack (which is already up to date) but fails to download ("Invalid URL: "). If I delete the installed pack and try to add it in the new launcher, it fails to download the pack entirely.

I need you to link your pack on the beta platform to help you with this. I do know that there was a problem with API key generation on the beta platform- it has been corrected in dev but not pushed live to the beta site yet.

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I need you to link your pack on the beta platform to help you with this. I do know that there was a problem with API key generation on the beta platform- it has been corrected in dev but not pushed live to the beta site yet.


Apologies, here's the pack: http://beta.technicpack.net/modpack/pixelmint-fresh.468793


Edit: In addition, here are the packs that ARE properly linked to solder:





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Will the newest java version work with this? My launcher currently will not lauch mods ever since i have upgraded java.

Just download java 7 and install instead of java 8.



About Technic beta

There is some things on the beta site that I can't seem to figure out.


  1. One of my packs is noticed to be linkable with solder but linking it still gives the message that I need to configure the modpacks download or link it to solder. It is linked to solder in the setup of the modpack but not when browsing it.


  2. Since the modpack above doesn't seem to work I thought I'd just remove it from my mods list. That's when the second problem occured.. How do I remove my modpack?? Can't find it removable anywhere.
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I expect the launcher has no problem with Java 8. The current one doesn't either.

The modpacks, however, are dependent on Forge which does not play well with Java 8, and will remain that way until the packs get updated with a version of Forge which has that problem fixed.

i am not sure if the bug was in forge or java8 took out one of the fuctions forge used in 7 and earlyer if thats the case its javas falt lol

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It seems that this is still not common knowledge:

i am not sure if the bug was in forge or java8 took out one of the fuctions forge used in 7 and earlyer if thats the case its javas falt lol


Forge had a bug. It didn't break anything because it was masked by another bug in Java. Then Java 8 update 20 came around and fixed the Java bug that had been masking the Forge bug. Thus, the unfixed Forge version(s) cannot run with Java 8 update 20 or newer. It will run with earlier Java 8 versions (not recommended because of missing security fixes), or Java 7.


There has been a Forge hotfix for quite a while now to patch the old version (just drop in the mods directory of affected packs). Tekkit and other modpacks suffering from the issue will run fine on Java 8 update 20 or newer when it is applied. The hotfix should have been brought at least to Tekkit beta asap, but has not. I am summarizing this to raise awareness, and reinforce my point that Tekkit needs that patch.


Oracle is pushing Java 8 now, and has even announced that Java 7 downloads will be discontinued in half a year. Of course it will still be available somewhere, but "just use Java 7" is not a good solution any more.

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Hi, Curunir,

You were right, we dropped the ball with the Java 8 updates. We've updated our packs to support it, and I've been buzzing modpack developers about java 8 support as their packs are reported in the Platform. At some point in the next month I'm going to set a deadline for pack authors to add Java 8 support to be considered a "working" pack, but that is going to be at least a month off, I don't want to force too many changes on them at once.

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