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In-game Name: DKManIAk


Experience with Tekkit: I've been watching tekkit and technic videos for around 2 or 3 months now, and I've reacently downloaded Tekkit after some problems with my java. I have been playing single player alot reacently, just to learn the basics of Tekkit. Although Multi-palyer I'm a little new to, but as I said I know my way around Tekkit. As much as I know my way of normal minecraft wich I've had for arounfd a year now.

Did you read the rules?: Yes, yes I have. Several times in fact, from now and then I come back to the spawn to read the rules. I try to talk to the mods as often as posible to learn anything else about the rules that I might have missed.

Suggestion for the server: I have a lot of suggestions for the server, but most of them I would like to contribute to the specifications to the banning of people. Other than that I would like to recieve all advice as possible to make this server better than it already Is

Thanks for reading this...


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In-Game Name: sgrock3r (mind my username.)


Experience with Tekkit: Been around it for about a month or two. Been in several servers.

Did you read the rules?: Aye.

In-game name: stewybot5000


Experience with tekkit: Been playing for about four months.

Did you read the rules?: Yessir.

in game name TheDomanator526


expierence 2 weeks not the best but good.

and i read da rulz


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