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How do i open the Modpack.jar

Go to solution Solved by plowmanplow,

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    • By LonkaGaming
      Your world is save in %appdata% .technic>modpacks<select your modpack<saves
    • By Millu
      This method is alternative to Dropbox 
      Ok Soo I was searching for a solution to Dropbox and its banned Direct links (Error 429)
      I checked different file hosting to see if they will work here and I have success

      The best alternative for Dropbox is:
      filecloud.io - Free, Works fine, 
      pCloud - Have Public Folder but have to pay 3,00 for it
      Mediafire - Works but not at all

      Any Questions:
      Q: Is this Working ?
      A: Yes 

      Q: My files will be removed after some time ?
      A: Nope its like mediafire and Dropbox

      Q:If its Like Mediafire than this will work only for me and my link will expire after some time
      A: Nope I tested it for some time in Incognito mode "and in two different countries"

      Q: How do I do this than ?
      A: Simply, Make account, Upload Your Modpack, click on it when uploaded, Do "I'm not a Robot" Right click on download button and copy link, paste link into your modpack and its Done
      Put any questions Below also thanks for attention

    • By Millu
      Is there any File hosting that works with Technic ?
      If yes than post it here 
      and don't give links to Dropbox, Copy.com or any other hosts that does not work 
    • By jonah322
      I need urgent help with this error.
      I have been playing without any problems for the past month, on the modpack:
      Pixelspark - Pixelmon
      The pack recently required an update, and usually with this pack, updates do not work for some reason so I just uninstall then reinstall the up to date version. Today I uninstalled and could not install back as the launcher failed to begin installing and showed this message:
      "Error unzipping a file for the following pack: PixelSpark - Pixelmon
      Attempting to extract file captainsparklez-survival-pack-, but it did not exist.
      Please consult the modpack author."
      It also created the folders needed but they are all empty.
      I have so far tried,
      Downloading the server files from the link instead of the launcher itself. (The files did not match the default files created by the launcher so I was very lost. Changing the Pixelspark.jar file to a zipped file and putting into both the bin folder, and the mods folder of the directory the launcher created. I have thought to try renaming the Pixelspark.jar into captainsparklez-survival-pack- but this has created some trouble for me. If this would solve my issue please let me know and possibly clear it up a little.
      If anyone could get back to me as soon as possible with some resolutions that would be great!
      EDIT: I have also thought to entirely delete the launcher and start from square one again, but I can not find it in the uninstall browser. Would just deleting the files work?
    • By Skilledfire43
      I'm having a weird problem where when i try opening the Technic Launcher it shows the icon like its loading, but never loads. I checked the log and it gets an error "java.util.zip.ZipException: error in opening zip file" I have attached the log for more info. 

      ~ Skilled
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