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Hello everyone,


I just created a Tekkit server so I and some friends could play on the server together.

However, every time I try to start the launcher and then click on 'play' (while having tekkit selected) the launcher crashes. It's really annoying and it both happens on my mac (osX yosemity) and on my pc (windows 8.1 x64).

One of the logs can be found here


Thanks in advance :)

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1. The log doesn't come from tekkit as it contains info about loading openblocks.

2. You have a java problem. Uninstall java 1.8 and install java 1.7 or don't do anything with java and drop this to the mods directory of the packs that don't work.

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i just got a win 8.1 machine and it took me some figuring but i got it working first thing dont install java 8 it dont work get java 7 this fixed my issues immediatly if your still having problems theres a java options fix too theres a video about it on youtube just remember to use java 7 not 8 hope that helps

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