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[1.7.10] Legendary Hard Mode [PvE/PvP][45+slots] [XxXtra Hard Mode]

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Welcome to xXx-tra Hard Mode!!!

Harder than bedrock...


IP: Ehm.pvp-legends.net

Teamspeak: ts.pvp-legends.net

Forums: pvp-legends.net

Mod Pack: http://www.technicpack.net/modpack/details/xxx-tra-hard-mode.514072


Forge+Forge Pack: https://copy.com/sranvERQKe4l8cOM



Do not be toxic to the community

No hacking/No Glitching/No Exploits

No Racism

No Griefing/Stealing

No spam

No advertising




So I hear you want to earn a dragon mount? Well, you will have to take down an Ender Dragon to do that. We trust you have prepared yourself for what is to come, I am here to assure you, you have not...


This game is based on the extra hard mode plugin in which we have added in a number of new mobs and abilities. They spawn at all times day and night, they can track you if you make noise, are injured and bleeding, or have light around your house. You have to keep track of your hydration, body temperature, sanity, and air quality as well. This is the hardest game of survival we could feasibly create, I cannot stress enough how important the 'read me' info is (posted below) and do not be afraid to join our Teamspeak and get some help there! 


This is a work in progress and still a beta release of the game! If the server is down, there is a file being updated or some form of configuration is taking place, check back in 15 minutes and be sure to always check the modpack before connecting, we update the mods with fixes almost daily atm.


Please remember that the fine tuning of balance can only be achieved over time. If you have ideas
on ways we can balance the game, please post them on the XxX-tra Hardmode [email protected] PvP-Legends.net And please, 
be constructive and specific. Saying, 'Mobz 2hrd, NeRF yo!' does not help. However: 'Dark Skeleton General's
extra mob spawn rate is to overwhelming for single player, I think if there were an extra 3 seconds between 
spawn times it would be work. Oh and bring their hearts down from 300 to 280." Now that is a helpful comment!
Okay, on to important game stuff...




(aka 'read me')

- Smart Moving is AWESOME! 30 sec video on how to use it:

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We added dragon mounts as a prize to the end. So now, when you beat the end, you can hatch the dragon egg and recieve a dragon mount! If you get more than 1 dragon egg (since the end resets upon completion) you can breed your dragons. There are different types, the standard ender dragon is one, then there are forest dragons, fire dragons, ice dragons, ghost dragons and aether dragons!


Good luck!!

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Modpack has been updated, and the server is live once again. Sorry for the downtime on the beta, but with spigot 1.8's release we had to focus on our main server.


Spawn is currently under reconstruction until Enviromine adds worldguard support so you may see some out of place pillars. This is so the roof does not cave in!

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The technic launcher seems to be experiencing a permissions issue which is why no one can connect with the launcher, you must use the direct download with forge until we get this sorted. 


In the meantime, there have been a few updates over the last few days. We have added backpacks, chest lockers, and soon to come is a custom ore which can be made into a custom armor and all number of weapons. Graphene (strongest metal known to man) is twice as durable as diamond, blocks twice as much damage, is enchantable, and requires wither skulls to craft each piece of armor or weaponry...


...and you will need it xD

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    • By TheEpicModPack
      Welcome to the Craft & Slash Modpack Page! This modpack is designed to be the most immersive and cohesive RPG modpack out there. With a strong fantasy theme, this pack will throw you into a strange world, filled with many dangers and rewards. Fight monsters, tame dragons, forge weapons, loot dungeons, slay bosses, trade villagers, form bonds with civilizations, dabble in the dark arts, or even chop trees and build a house. Your adventure awaits!

      This modpack isn't just any modpack! here are some notable features from both the custom development of this pack, and some notable aspects of the mods included:
      * Several-thousand lines of custom configuration code! After countless hours of work, this modpack has been custom built to cross-integrate all of the mods. Find loot from every mod in every dungeon, craft ores from one mod into item from another, many more custom configurations.
      * Custom tooltips! Many new tooltips have been added for items that needed more info presented. Spend less time searching what items do on google and more time playing. More tooltips are added all the time, and you can suggest new ones in the comments if you find an item that isn't very descriptive.
      * Lootable corpses! Don't worry about dying, you can always go back and find your items on your body. Short of falling off of the map, your corpse will always be there, and will stay there forever, or until you take your items back. Waypoints will mark your death on the map, so you will never have to consider a death a total loss!
      * Mod textures and custom textures! The pack comes with the DokuCraft light texture pack installed by default, with tons of mod support added and many alterations made for a better experience.
      * Custom balancing! This mod pack is designed to have the most enjoyable plug-and-play experience. Items from many mods have been altered to work better in the pack, recipes for certain items have been added, changed, or removed to make things more fair, and changes have been made to make some less useful items more important. Every mod is in here for a reason, and these configurations help them work together for a better experience!
      * A custom objective: Crafting the legendary equipment! This pack contains special armor and a weapon that can only be made by those who brave all the trials the world has to offer. More info is in the guide book you spawn with!


      * Armor Status HUD
      * Floating Ruins
      * Status Effect HUD
      * AgriCraft
      * Backpack
      * Battle Towers
      * Better FPS
      * BiblioCraft
      * Biomes O' Plenty
      * Botania
      * Chocolate Quest (i.e. Better Dungeons)
      * Cosmetic Armor
      * Custom NPCs (Mostly for extra items to work with)
      * Lootable Bodies
      * Mo' Creatures
      * Dungeon Pack
      * Easy Crafting
      * Enchanting Plus
      * Enchiridion
      * Extra TiC
      * FastCraft
      * Grimoire of Gaia
      * Iguana Tinker Tweaks
      * Infernal Mobs
      * Journey Map
      * Legend Gear
      * Lucky Block
      * Lycanite's Mobs
      * Millenaire (One of the only packs with this working properly on single player!)
      * Mythical Animals
      * Metallurgy 4
      * MineTweaker/ModTweaker
      * More Enchantments
      * More Swords Mod
      * Natura
      * Not Enough Items
      * Pam's HarvestCraft
      * Pam's Harvest the Nether
      * Roguelike Dungeons
      * Ruins
      * Spawn Commands
      * Spice of Life
      * Starting Inventory
      * Tinker's Construct
      * Thaumcraft
      * The Betweenlands
      * TiC Auto Tool Station
      * TiC Tooltips
      * Traveller's Gear
      * Twilight Forest
      * WAILA (What Am I Looking At?)
      * WAWLA (What Are We Looking At?)
      * Wild Caves 3
      * Witchery
      * Witching Gadgets
      * World-Tooltips
      * Levels
      * Level Up! Mod
      * Keeping Inventory
      * Trade Booth
      * Gravestones
      * Cooking for Blockheads
      * Waystones
      * AbyssalCraft
      * New Dungeons Mod
      * BadMobs
      * Iron Chest
      * Mine & Blade: Battlegear 2
      * Atum
      * Exotic Birds
      * ObsTrophies
      * Craft Guide
      * Mutant Creatures
      * Zelda Sword Skills
      * Farlanders
      * Project Zulu
      * ChunkPurge
      * The Camping Mod
      * Sound Filters
      * Food Details
      * Village Names
      * FogNerf
      * And tons of custom configurations and modifications!

      To see some screenshots, check out [THIS GALLERY]

      Our goal is to be the best RPG/adventure themed modpack out there! However, we can't do that alone! We need your feedback in order to keep working on this pack. Feel free to comment on the discussion page with any feedback you have, and we will use that to keep making this pack better! **
      Some feedback that is particularly helpful are:
      * Tooltip suggestions. There are many items in game that are not descriptive enough. If you find an item that could be helped by a better tooltip, feel free to let us know and it will be added in the next update!
      * Balancing issues. If some OP mobs spawn way too much, or some ability is way too punishing etc., let us know! If the community has a problem with certain problem mobs or situations, we'll re-configure things to make for a better play experience for all.
      * Bug reports. With this many mods running together, there is always a chance for a problem to arise. If you notice any bug, such as ID conflicts or something that isn't loading right, or texture issues, let us know! We'll do our best to fix them.

      If you're having trouble running the pack, need help reducing lag, or have some question that this page didn't cover, check out our F.A.Q. section labelled "Help" in the bar at the top of the our modpack page! If you have a question that isn't answered there, just post it in the discussions page or here and we'll be sure to answer it!

      * Full NPC villager overhaul. A new currency system will be implemented at some point, and villagers from all villages will be updated to trade useful items from all mods. There will also be currency conversion NPCs that can convert this currency to other forms of currency from other mods, such as Millenaire at a constant exchange rate. This currency can then be added to loot tables from mob drops and dungeon chests so that you can get what you want out of your rewards!
      * More tooltips! Every update will likely come with more tooltips as we receive more feedback. Our goal is to eventually make the pack completely self-explanatory wherever possible.
      * New weapon and armor tiers. Eventually, special tiers of gear will be made. This gear will be craftable using materials found in a variety of dungeons and bought from NPCs etc. in an attempt to reward players who advance in many areas of the game.
      * More dungeons and ruins! Eventually, custom dungeons and ruins will be created that will be exclusive to this modpack. These dungeons will have their rewards tuned to fill in various gaps in the mod pack, and possibly even add an element of world lore to tie everything together. 
      * Official server and public server pack files. Eventually, an official server may be released, which will include tons of exclusive content. Before that though, a ready-to-go server pack will be added so that anyone can start an SMP server in no time!
    • By Lordpatato21
      I made a private Tekkit Lite SMP server.
      If you want to join, just send me your skype.
    • By TurltecraftSMP
      Our Pack: http://www.technicpack.net/modpack/turtlecraftsmp-s5-pack.848876

      IP Given when Whitelisted
      Rules: rules.TurtleCraftSMP.com

      Turtlecraft was made to offer a kind environment with limited banned blocks and a lag free expirence.

      Server is expected to run 99.99% of the time
      The Pack requires about 1-2 GB of ram to run but we recommend having 3-4.

      We have a community spawn, Discord dank memes, pretty much all you could want in a community we want good players in our server that will be on, that's why we made our Inactivity rule which can be viewed at Inactivity.TurtleCraftSMP.com

      Applications are at apply.TurtleCraftSMP.com

      We have ranks on the server but they are not paid. You rank up as you play on the server
      PLEASE USE [email protected] for help I will not be viewing comments
    • By v1t0man36658
      Hi there, we're glad you are interested in playing our custom mod pack in our custom server too. Well, let me introduce you to "Forsaken Border's Trinity". Our new custom mod pack consisting of 146 mods with 133 Active Mods in it, including Optifine, NEI, and Inventory Tweaks to enhance client side game play.
      What is Forsaken Border's Trinity?
      It's a very open source custom mod pack made with the best known mods and a few obscure mods that need to be heard off, with a mix of 3 genres in it for "Trinity" we have Magic, tons of magic mods such as Thaumcraft, BloodMagic and more. We have technology mods, such as BuildCraft, Thermal Expansion, and tons tons more. Oh and let's not forget Nature, with mods such as TropicCraft, Biome's O' Plenty and much more. The goal of the pack is to have set up a original and unique home using our mods included, we do not want to see any 5 by 5 wooden homes, it just ruins the aspect of modded minecraft. Finally, having a simple but great community on here.

      Any Plugins?
      Yes sir, we have
      -Essentials (For Homes, TPA, Warps, etc)
      -Lockette (Chest protection, Furnace protection, Door protection)
      -PEX (Many different job ranks included for level up)
      -Dynmap (Check out the server world right in your browser!)
      -Coreprotect (For any griefing or home rollback, incase it gets destroyed or damaged)

      Wait, there is chest protection but no land claims?

      Correct, we think it might be a little messy, players asking for more claim blocks, etc. In the end, its annoying. But since this is a white-listed server, we will only accept people who seem trust worthy and want to have some fun. But if anything does happen we can always fix it and roll the damage back!

      What Mods are included in the modpack?
      Here is the full list of mods,
      -Advanced Genetics
      -Animal Bikes
      -Archimedes Ships
      -BiblioWoods (Biomes O Plenty Edition)
      -BiblioWoods (Natura Edition)
      -Biomes O Plenty
      -Build Craft
      -Carpenter Blocks
      -Chisel 2
      -Compact Machines
      -Custom Swords
      -Dense Ores
      -Dragon Mounts
      -Enhanced Portals 2
      -Extra Utilities
      -Fast Craft
      -Food Plus
      -Fossils Archaeology Revival
      -Galactic Craft
      -4Space (Tons of new planets for Galactic Craft)
      -Garden Stuff
      -Hamsterrific Mod
      -Inventory Tweaks
      -Iron Chests
      -Liquid XP
      -Malisis Doors
      -Map Writer (Might Be Switched With JourneyMap)
      -MineFactory Reloaded
      -MrCrayFish Furniture
      -NEI Addons
      -Not Enough Items
      -Not Enough Keys
      -Open Blocks
      -Open Eyes
      -Optifine (HD Edition)
      -Project Red
      -Random Things
      -SecretRooms Mod
      -Simply Jetpacks
      -SuperCrafting Frame
      -Sync Mod
      -Tinker's Construct
      -Thermal Dynamics
      -Thermal Expansion
      -Thermal Foundation
      -Torch Levers
      -Trail Mix
      -Twilight Forest
      -Weather 2
      -MC Heli (Realistic Planes, Jets, Fighter Planes)

      How can I run this modpack correctly?
      You'll have to download the pack through a Media Fire link which is completely safe, we are working on putting it in Technic Launcher too. Once you downloaded it, you must get Forge 1.7.10 Latest in order to work. You need to apply at the very least 2 GB of RAM to it. Just open the .zip and copy ALL the mods in the folder into your mods folder located in your .minecraft folder by typing %appdata% in your search bar.
      Mod Pack Download: http://www.mediafire.com/download/cv3c0orkegyfxzo/FB_Trinity.zip
      Forge 1.7.10: http://files.minecraftforge.net/maven/net/minecraftforge/forge/index_1.7.10.html
      Server IP: Not just yet, apply in the "Applications" tab at the top of this website to get elected to join.

      How do I join the server?
      You need to hit the "Applications" Tab at the top of this website and fill the form out and just hit submit, it will take 1-2 days or actually 30 minutes or less if we are not busy to let you join. Once you are accepted, you will be put into the list of players in this forum thread and you will receive a message in your application with the IP and a welcome message with the rules.

      Who are the players who have joined?
      v1t0man36658 (Owner)
      Admant_Fate (Member)
      Jfry52 (Member)
      BedRockBreaks (Member)
      Deaglan_hp (Member)

      Hope to see you on!
    • By TurltecraftSMP
      Our Pack: http://technicpack.net/modpack/turtlecraftsmp-modpack.819986

      IP Given when Whitelisted
      Rules: rules.TurtleCraftSMP.com

      Turtlecraft was made to offer a kind environment with limited banned blocks and a lag free expirence.

      Server is expected to run 99.99% of the time

      We have a community spawn, Discord dank memes, pretty much all you could want in a community we want good players in our server that will be on, that's why we made our Inactivity rule which can be viewed at Inactivity.TurtleCraftSMP.com

      Applications are at apply.TurtleCraftSMP.com

      We have ranks on the server but they are not paid. You rank up as you play on the server
      PLEASE USE [email protected] for help I will not be viewing comments
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