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Best Crafting Dead Server There Is!

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    • By JelloRub
      https://pastebin.com/aAY1JJeM LOG
      I cant install/download anything absolutely rubbish. I have disabled firewall/antivirus and reinstalled technic several times i tried the technic discord server as well and i asked around the modpack servers as well no one seems to know the solution to this, hope someone here knows something </3
      whenever i try installing pixelspark this error comes up: Failed to download https://libraries.minecraft.net/org/scala-lang/scala-xml_2.11/1.0.2/scala-xml_2.11-1.0.2.jar, please consult modpack author.
      and then for crafting dead: "failed to download", please consult modpack author.
      Hope someone has a solution
    • By ChrusKosco420
      Ill Join In on the converstaions add me to skype if you play crafting dead game Skype:Chrus Kosco
      Minecraft Character Name :ChrusKosco420
      Ill Reply to the crafting dead every day for a while.
    • By ChrusKosco420
      Hey where minecraft :Crafting dead chat fourm i dont see one
    • By sonicv6
      It's baaaack! that's right! SnazzyGaming is back up with the same map plugins and players! our new IP is: snazzygaming.beastmc.com our new website is!: http://snazzy-gaming.com ; (god I suck at formatting) anyway! we have flying airships clans wars zombies! and much much more we hope you enjoy the server and to any old players that are reading this, welcome back!
    • By sonicv6
      Log is attatched I have tried removing scala-library.jar and reopening I've tried deleting everything in that folder and reopening tried reinstall the modpack tried downloading from the links and adding nothing worked
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