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  1. I already do have the setting to replacewitherskeletons set to false in the server config. Yet, the problem is still happening in newly explored chunks.
  2. I recently launched a server and everything was going fine. Eventually, my friends and I decided to explore farther out from our home. After a time of exploring, someone ran into a chunk that would just crash their game. When they rejoined, the same problem would happen. The only way was to teleport them out of the area as soon as they joined, which gets a bit annoying now. We started to avoid that chunk until we came across more in different dimensions. The problem just keeps growing after more exploring. The Crash Log
  3. Yes, i was definitely missing a few core mods, thank you. Some of the mods that i had downloaded didn't state the requirements of what the mod needs to function.
  4. Guessing that I need CodeChickenLib? Hadn't made a modpack in ages so i forgot a few things.
  5. Tried testing the modpack to get the configs and after clicking play on the technic launcher to launch the modpack, the launcher finishes installing Minecraft assets then proceeds to relaunch itself without the modpack actually launching. Using Dropbox as modpack host since Copy closed. FML-Client-Lastest Log | Modpack link |