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  1. Okay so basically everything was fine this morning but after I tried installing a resource pack made for Hexxit, which I deleted completely after this, everything went to crap. Whenever I try to join a server in multiplayer, it loads for 2 seconds, giving you a quick glance at your character being stuck half in and half out of a block then immediately goes to a black screen and crashes. Could it be the server itself? Could it be something corrupted on my end? I don't know. And yes, I have 2GB RAM allocated to it already, which was never a problem. And I'm running the latest Hexxit version. What I tried: Deleting (player).dat file Reinstalling TechnicLauncher Reinstalling Hexxit Updating Java Copying Saves folder, deleting .technic, and pasting Saves folder in the new one Here is the crash report
  2. Oh man I wish I could, but this is a Public Server
  4. That was from yesterday. But when I tried logging in just now, it gave the same black screen and crash as last time
  5. I actually fixed the problem, in a very odd way. I went on Solo for a bit then suddenly MP worked. Though thanks for the reminder to update my driver. Except just now I've encountered a new issue... "Communication Error" I've closed and reopened Hexxit but still says that Know a solution for this?