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  1. Forget it, i tried the option with the forge version and it worked. Thanks man!
  2. Umm... I dont know if it sounds dumb but where can I find this java legacy fixer?
  3. Whoops xD https://pastebin.com/6q8DWU9H
  4. Sry, I forgot to add the log. Here it is: Technic Log.txt
  5. Hello i have a problem, i have made a server with the latest server files, but the server version is 1.0.12a i believe, and when i try to run the same version in the technic launcher and installing it will simply not run the game and reopen the launcher. i have tried on several differ rph and so on will not work on the server because its not the same version as the server is. ent machines now and it is the same with all of them. can somebody help me please. PS: i have also tried running the recommended version wich is 1.0.12c and ofcause it opened and worked fine in single player but mods like mo