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  1. So I look around these blogs and forums about problems with pinning the technic launcher to desktop and/or taskbar. I see the same answer every time: right click the tab or icon, and click pin. My problem is all I have when doing so is close window. I've looked through the options for the launcher, and it never says anything. Is there another solution? Or am I doomed to forever reinstall and open the technic launcher? If you know the answer, does it work with Windows 10? And finally, is there a way to access a file, and then use that file to put on my taskbar, ultimately solving my problem and making it 1000000 times easier to get on? If all these work, thank you. There we go. Looked through files, and found a different way to put this on my taskbar, or maybe not different. Anyhow, please don't answer this question if you're about to. I have notifications on, and don't want to learn if there's sound while my volume's at max.