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  1. I heard that posting mod pack stuff here results in a 3 day ban, but please here me out. I was recently playing a modpack that ran just fine, but now when i go to play, my worlds don't load (I can't create new worlds either). It just drops me back to the title screen. I think this may be a Technic issue, because if i go to close the actual Minecraft part, the launcher doesn't pop back up like it usually does, and java SE binary keeps running in the background (according to task manager). Idk if it helps to know this or not but the problem started after i accidentally disconnected my computer from its power source.
  2. I'm having another problem however, the game won't load my save games. It worked up until recently, but now when I load the modpack and go to load a world, it brings me back to the title screen. Also, if I close the game, the technic launcher doesn't pop back up, and Task manager says Java SE Binary is still running in the backround. Any ideas on how to fix this?
  3. For those of you getting to like 27/28% and then crashing, try deleting Jurassicraft and llibrary entirely. That's what I did and now the pack loads.