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Big Reactors

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Now I did a search for this in the forum here but I didnt find anything.

I am not on a tekkit based Minecraft game but this is about the mod itself and if there can be a way to use the modification in it.  I do tutorial from my MC WIZZY world and I did a series on Flaxbeard's which used Archemides Screws to bring in a water supply to boilers.  Now I am doing one on Big Reactors.  I am aware of the use of turbines to water the reactor.  But, unless it is not needful, is there a way to usse archemides screws to bring water into the reactor from a endless water supply?  My thing perhaps is that flaxbeard's mod might somehow be enabled to be used for bigreactors?   This might be a challenge to mod makers....

I kinda actually wish there were a mod linker that allows certain mod parts to be used in other mods.   Think about it.  Thanks

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