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  1. I'm using the Default texture pack.

    I really wish I had a way to force Java to use all the cores on my CPU :/

    Also, the only reason I'm complaining is because alongside radical FPS changes comes radical Mouse Sensitivity changes, and it causes really clunky movements that aren't very fun to play.

  2. Hello, I was not entirely sure what category this thread belonged in, so I'm just putting it here since I play Tekkit Lite the most.

    Basically, I'm getting a really choppy framerate. That means, anywhere between 40-80 at any given moment, and it's getting quite obnoxious.

    My CPU only uses like 25% of its power MAX. This is while hosting and playing Tekkit Lite.

    GPU never goes above 20% utilization.

    PC Specs:

    Windows 8 64 bit

    AMD FX 8350 8 Core 4.0GHz

    XFX HD 7850 DD

    8GB RAM, I think at 1600 clock speed

    updated 64 bit Java

    What do?