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  1. Heh, I've encountered this before. It's due to a lack of memory that Java cannot access. I suggest examining how much RAM you have and how much memory you are using outside of Minecraft. Then adjust how much memory you can allocate to Minecraft (up to 4G, but that's not usually recommended.)

    Alternatively, upgrade to 64-bit Windows 7. The OS can handle larger amounts of RAM than 32-bit Windows 7 can.

    how do I find how much RAM im using outside of minecraft?

  2. when I open my launcher it says could not create java virtual machine this is my error log

    2013/04/01 16:02:28 [iNFO] ------------------------------------------

    2013/04/01 16:02:28 [iNFO] Technic Launcher is starting....

    2013/04/01 16:02:28 [iNFO] Launcher Build: 222

    2013/04/01 16:02:28 [iNFO] ------------ Startup Parameters ------------

    2013/04/01 16:02:28 [iNFO] --------- End of Startup Parameters ---------

    2013/04/01 16:02:28 [iNFO] Attempting relaunch with 3072 mb of RAM

    2013/04/01 16:02:28 [iNFO] Path to Launcher Jar: C:\Users\cw acer laptop\Downloads\TechnicLauncher.exe

    2013/04/01 16:02:28 [iNFO] Attempting relaunch with -XX:MaxPermSize=256m as permgen

    does anyone know the solution to this? as Ive been trying to fix it for a number of days now.

  3. Whenever I click on my launcher it loads for like 2 second then says:

    error: could not create the java virtual machine

    error:a fatal exception has occurred program will exit

    I have tried reinstalling java and the launcher and it still doesn't work and even when I have nothing else open it still says the same message I have tried all the obvious solutions and nothing works maybe their is something more advanced I can do? Also normal minecraft works fine its just the launcher.

    any help?

  4. I don't know if this is an update bug or what but my ICBM bomb textures look completely different to the ones on the voltz wiki any ideas on what might've caused this? p.s the glass preassure plate and button are also completely invisible.

  5. copy all your saves onto your desktop, then deleate the technic launcher in its folder and recycling bin then redownload it, then copy your saves back in. I had that problem at first, but that works a charm

    I don't have any saves so what do I do? p.s i've tried re-downloading the launcher installing the latest version of java nothing works!!!

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