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  1. Hello I was a member on the server, then the server crashed. After the server restarted i kept falling through the world and disconnected via losing connections. I kept trying to connect but then was disconnected after like 10 times, i tried to connect it said banned by moderator when i wasn't able to do anything for the past hour. Please help me and my friends enjoy this server.

    My Name is DemolitionHaynes

    Yeah i'm really sorry about this, its all i could do to keep the server running at the time.

  2. its not that hard t

    its not that hard to just turn the de-enchantment back on that's why he left

    Its not hard to turn it on, you are right. The problem is that it is broken and very easy to abuse. The de-enchant feature is slightly op anyways and i would prefer it off even if it want broken. There is nothing we can do at the moment so if you want it so bad i suggest finding another server. Saying that i doubt any other server will have it on.

  3. please try to fix certian dungeons not spawning and hookshots :( it making me want to look for another server :/ then again, other servers have things wrong with them. if you could fix those it would be a perfect server :)

    Hookshots and other projectile firing items are broken in the modpack, they appear as stone blocks for some reason. Not much we can do about it till the pack is updated.

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