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  1. Here's my application:


    Username: 440_Magnum

    Age: 17

    Why Tekkitopia ? I wanted a server where I can have fun doing what I want on a reliable platform without the fear of griefers. This one looked good, and oddly good looking tekkit servers are getting rarer and rarer. I played a LOT on previous versions, I can't wait to try that one.


    My secret code: 10Mag



  2. im sorry viHack i thought you were someone else ill unban you right now. but can i get your friends names im going tobe putting a whitelist on the server

    Thanks for this ! So here are our usernames:

    - ViHack33

    - Niverton

    - Fujitus

    - 440_Magnum

    We are all 17, we do agree with the rules ( ahem, NOPE ), we have various tekkit experiences.

    We play together since last saturday, and this is one of our most fun experience - because of vanilla and the "risk factor" when building in overworld.

    Thanks again

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