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  1. The devs chose to remove IC2 and RP2 because their functionality can be recreated via other mods (except for frames) and they don't want to keep using the same mods over and over because they are popular, they are using new mods to give us some variety

    Then why did the developers make a mod pack and why not just have a package that gave you a random package of mods everytime you log in because that is variety. It doesn't help server owners when they keep changing mod packages and its not very backwards compatible so if anything they should have just left it how it is.

  2. You've stated that point several times. However, you've given no reasons for why it is better, other than a flimsy "There's a copper wire block!" and a weak "compatibility" reason. (Also: If it works together, it's compatible!)

    O.K TE has a broad definition of compatible! The reason IC2 is better is they have way more items, more upgradable machines, nuclear power, solar power, wiring that is far better than TE, NUCLEAR POWER! generators that actually work, the feeling of "OH SHIT MY POWER PLANT BLEW UP MY ENTIRE HOUSE NOW I NEED TO START AGAIN!" Its a funny feeling you don't get with TE, Power suits work better with IC2, oh and have i mentioned NUCLEAR "MOTHERFUCKING" POWER!

  3. yeah TE does have the cababilities of industrial craft but notice how galactic craft has a sealed copper wire for airlocks that are completely redundant because we don't have copper wire and you can't charge your power suits but i don't see why there was any reason to remove IC2

  4. I love the big change i find some of the mods on here are brilliant, but Thermal Expansion doesn't have the capabilities of Industrial Craft. I find that the only truly compatible mod with TE is Buildcraft, but IC2 is more compatible with Power suits, Galactic craft and buildcraft. also redpower 2 is awsome!

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