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  1. Hello m'friends. It has been a tradition in the past year or so to make a Tekkit server for a few of my friends to play on, and the time to do it again is upon us.

    One problem, though- "The Tekkit server package will no longer include any Bukkit plugins by default."

    I fired up Tekkit the other day and found it to be quite bare as far as plugins go. I have 0 experience with Bukkit, so this forces me to spend hours learning how to use it and set it up with downloaded addons. Unfortunately, I don't have the kind of time needed to do this, so, my question is this:

    Is there, by chance, a pre-packaged bells-and-whistles 3.0.1+ Tekkit server I can download somewhere? If not, is there a list of sorts that can help me find the most essential/popular mods?

    Any help would be greatly appreciated!

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