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    • In-game name:zexalpowa1999
    • Age:13
    • Time Zone: pasific standard time
    • Have you ever been banned? Please post your result here:http://whitelist.mcf.li/check/result/5bf7ea6527e38fe318457c527b961f707bed4606
    • What is your Tekkit experience?: i have played the tekkit lite and normal version of tekkit but i have never played tekkit classic, but im used to most of the mods in tekkit classic based from experience, also from watching all of the jaffa factory video's from the yogscast.
    • Why do you want to join Fekkit?: i want to join a server which doesnt have any mods banned, have ee2 disabled, and imature players. i just want a simple,friendly, and mature server.

    thanks for reading


  1. IGN (In Game Name): zexalpowa1999

    Age (Optional): 13 going to be 14 in 5 months

    Why are you looking to join the server? What can you bring to the server? : its summer im bored and going on this server might help my boredom. i can bring small intricate designs for factorys

    Tell me about your play style? (i.e: How long have you been playing minecraft/tekkit? What types of things do you like to do?): i played minecraft for almost 3 months but almost know everything about minecraft i played tekkit for about 2 months i canbuidt functional machines. but i mostly use the wiki for the mod im stuck with

    Tell me a bit about yourself?: well i mostly play minecraft open weekend try to build amazing houses but i have little imagination. im friendly i dont get mad if you do something mean to me and i can help when ever you need it just skype me also ill help anybody in need for resources or other stuff also if you cant accept me im fine and if someone asks about your server ill give it a good review

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