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  1. Welcome to Vongola Craft!



    The Rules:

    [1] No swearing - Jail

    [2] No greifing CLAIMED areas - Ban (Over-claiming then unclaiming THEN greifing IS allowed)

    [3] No caps in chat - Mute

    [4] No arguing - Mute + Jail

    [5] No Hacking / Game exploits - Ban

    [6] No spawn killing - Jail


    Banned Items:

    [1]Infernal Chestplate

    [2]All Lenses

    [3]Destruction Catalyst

    [4]Blackhole Band

    [5]Void Ring

    Major Plugins:




    This is a server with a great range of staff. They are skilled at what they do and help those in need. You are likely to find at least one staff online at all time. This server is 24/7 although we will have restarts to help keep the server up to date. We are requesting friendly, mature players who will follow the rules and enjoy the game.

    Come and join in!

    We hope to see you soon.

  2. IGN: Matrix345

    Age: 12

    Timezone: GMT/UTC +0

    Explain, in your own words, Rule number 6: Energy Collectors or Power Flowers cannot be displayed for the eyes of other people. If they are, they shall be removed.

    How long have you played tekkit for? Almost 2 years.

    If you've been banned from another server, please explain it away here: I think we all have at least once, I was banned for expressing my opinion and debating with the owner about things that I thought would help.

    Tell us something about yourself. I am a very honest, mature and intelligent person. I am young, although discriminating against age is a very nasty thing. I like to be treated like any other person.

  3. Your In Game Name: Matrix345

    Your Age: 12

    How often are you planning on playing: 5 hours on weekdays (Each day, with exceptions), more at the weekend.

    For experienced players, the structure you are most proud of building: A 1000x1000 city with large apartment buildings, all fully furnished.

    For new players, what are you hoping to achieve on Verve: I hope to build a city (Not as large as my proudest structure) for people to live in for free. I would also like to build a few factories and sell/give what I make.

    For everyone, why do you think Verve is the server for you: I like how we are not limited, and can request for use of the banned items if needed. I like the look of your map, and I am very interested to look around.

    Additional Comments:I understand if you do not accept me, as of my age. However I am very mature, and can converse intelligently. Thank-you for reading.

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