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  1. Keep inventory will be off > Reason: most of your items will be in chests, the items you carry with you will be tools and armor. If you die most of those tools and armor are easily replaceable, for instance in Hexxit there are surface diamonds. If you are a donor you can use the /back command to return to your last death point.

    Raiding of peoples stuff is allowed, but cannot be easily done due to the way factions protects your land, the only way it could be done was if you claimed back from someones faction territory. In other words as long as you build within your factions land you are safe.

    Hiring admins that are trolls?... No. The Black Fern Network is a community and a business that aim to look after their players. The servers we aim to run will not be taken lightly and we will manage them to the best of our abilitys.

    - The BFN Team

  2. The Server is Now open! Come play:)

    Server IP:

    Server Rules:

    - No bullying - slander and sledging is allowed though

    - No advertising

    - No harrassing staff about server employment

    - No using cheat clients or texturepacks

    - No threatening of players in an out of game context

    - Swearing is allowed, keep it at a minimum though

    Up time:

    The server will be 24/7 unless an unforseen problem occurs

    There are no disabled items as of yet

    Major Plugins:

    - BOSEconomy

    - Factions

    - mcMMO

    - NoCheat+

    - Essentials

    - Permissions-ex

    - Vault

    - Dynmap

    Server Description:

    The Black Fern Hexxit Server is owned and operated by the Black Fern Network. It is aimed to be a hexxit server based more around adventuring than pvp, however there are Factions involved on the server. When you first start out you have the option of randomly being teleported away from spawn so that you are away from other players and can have your own adventure.

    Server Community:

    Currently we have no community because the server has not been released to the public yet. When it is released we aim to have a more mature playerbase, 13+ would be fine.


    There is a donation system on our website if you wish to obtain donator perks. These perks will carry over all of our servers.



    The website has a countdown on it, this counts down to the time of release.


    We have made two youtube trailers for the server:

    We really hope you give our server a chance when it launchs to the Public.

    Have a Merry Christmas in two weeks time.

    - The BFN Team

  3. Sounds good what is involved is joining this server when it's up and running ?

    There is no whitelist, so you will simply have to type in the servers IP address, then away you go. I will be posting a release trailer tomorrow (probably) on youtube that will have the IP address in it, then hopefuly the server will release the day after that.

    Here is a bit more detail on connecting to the server: http://blackfern.enjin.com/servers

  4. What kind of server will this be , in a sense of pvp or primarily a adventure/ building server? . I am looking more for a good building/adventure server for inspiration in my builds, no little kids griefing what you worked hard on because they think its funny or they get bored.

    The server will allow you to go out into the open world of minecraft and build as you wish, if you are worried about being griefed then do not worry because the server will have land protection plugins in place to hinder this. As well if you build in your factions land your builds cannot be griefed so long as you hold the land. Hopefully this helped to answer your question.

    - The BFN Team

  5. Hey Guys Killer here on behalf of the Black Fern Network Team.

    Recently we have been working really hard on building the networks first Minecraft server. That being said we are all experts in server creation and management. We decided to make our first server a Hexxit server. So here it is! It will be releasing sometime december 2013, so be sure to keep updated. To stay tuned for the server release, keep an eye on our website: http://blackfern.enjin.com/home

    In the mean time here is the server trailer:

    - Thanks - The BFN Team

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