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  1. When dealing with Millenaire in the past I believe I was able to zip it up and it still worked. Been a while so the memory is fuzzy.

    Ok, I tried putting the millenaire jar in the mods folder, zipped up the millenaire and millenaire custom folders, but now the items have names like "item.ml_denier.name" and the itemgroup is "itemGroup.Millenaire. I can place blocks but there is no message indicating millenaire is installed correctly.

  2. Well, it really shouldn't take 30 minutes. Took less than 2 for me, but I'm using a decent SSD. The problem comes from the steaming mess that is millenaire. That dude refuses to package his mod as a noramal ZIP or JAR file and thus the extraction lib has to pull out nearly 3000 tiny little files for the mod in the mods folder. This takes a while.

    Is there a workaround for this?

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