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  1. IGN: rayquaza125

    Name: call me Percy or Ray

    Skype: rayquaza125

    age: 13

    Goals on this server:

    Be a MAD Scientist   :science:

    :monar: Do some redstoning cheesemaking witchying advancing geneticing and livin' life to the fullest yo :rock: (music)

    Ima redstoner who loves mods like adv gen and thermal ex. and I had almost half a year of experience with the witchery mod too

    (getting a bit sick of large servers cause of lag and griefers and I like small ones so you can make some friends without being crowded by people)


    (Q's: I just started using Skype sooo im a bit confused with it)






  2. IGN - rayquaza125


    age - 13


    language - English


    favorite mod pack - hmmmmm uhhh ATTACK OF THE B TEAM of course!!


    I want to join cause I enjoy small focused servers that don't allow griefin' or stealin'

    Bad ex: Forsaken

    Good ex: This one!

    Single player drives me crazy cause I cant share my accomplishments to myself now can I?

    I would love to join this and make new friends and partners in the wonderful world of Minecraft!

  3. IGN Rayquaza125




    I would like to join because I like small focused servers I don't like big ones like Forsaken or even Mineplex sometimes

    but singleplayer survival drives me crazy because it is sooo boring to play without sharing about what you did and adventuring with friends! I would love to make new friends and enjoy this server with these guys (I am great with redstone if you need help with that stuff)

    I am relatively new to some of the mods but most of them I know quite well!

    (I might start a youtube channel on here as well if that's ok)

    btw PaulSoaresJr. rules!


    Age = 13


    Thanks for your time!


  4. Soooo then

    my bteam game is lagging and I tried to give it more memory and it should let me pick up to 3g but I can only selct up to 1.5g

    I do have the most recent 64 bit java what else can I do to fix this issue.



    Thanks for your time

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