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  1. Alright, heres what's going on. I made my modpack, opened it, opened the server, used hamachi, jumped in, and i went through the creative menu to check out some of the mods, and i went to MC Heli's section and Theres no tanks in the tank menu, no  planes in the planes menu, and no helis in the heli menu. I really need help.


    I put a picture below to help you guys figure it out

    -Please help, Ender


  2. Alright, heres whats happening. I'm trying to make a war modpack called "Guns and Nukes" and i had to remove two mods due to server restrictions. I removed them, and now it keeps crashing. I couldn't figure it out myself, maybe one of the bright minds here can take a look for me?


    *wall of log removed*


    please help.










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