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  1. 23 hours ago, JaariAtmc said:

    Which you got from some crappy 3rd party rehost sites, which also don't list dependencies. Get your mods off Curseforge...

    but alot of the mods cant be fpund there.... such as ( Balkons Weapon ) do you think 9minecraft is a dafe site ?

  2. Hi so I created modepack I wanted to have a  Tekkit Classic + Pixelmon on minecraft 1.7.10...

    so I have downloaded all the mods from tekkit classic and pixelmon beside 3 mods that i couldnt find ( Tekkit KeybindsTekkit ConfigsJar modification Mods ).

    crash from technic luncher and crash from when i tried to upload all those mods to .minecraf/mods and started on minecraft luncher.

    at the attached files.