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  1. I think I'd like to give this server a try :)

    • In game name: Lady_Ceres
    • Age: 30
    • Location: East Coast, US
    • Minecraft experience to date: I have been playing for a few months now and began right on tekkit, though I don't have experience with the uber awesome machines I can do the smaller things and am ok with that lol.
    • Why do you want to play on our server? (give me a little detail, 'it looks cool' probably won't be enough to get you whitelisted. I'm looking for more than just a single line.) Well the thing that drew me to the server in the first place was the fact that it's fellow WoW players, I myself am a wow addict and have been for years. I was a little detered by the lack of locking abilities for your stuff, no residence to protect the house etc but it seems like you have a pretty good setup going on and a good set of staff watching over the server so I thought I would take a chance and join. Would love to find a nice community to hang out on and build my randomn funness when I'm not absorbed in my WoW-addiction. Would just like to find a server with friendly people and all that.

  2. •In Game Name Lady_Ceres

    •Location Pennsylvnia

    •Age (18+ Only Please) 30

    •Have you read and understood everything in this post? Yes I have

    •Experience with minecraft/tekkit? I have been playing for a few months now and got right into tekkit upon getting the game. I can't do the super advanced machines but I can do the more basic things.

    •Abit more about yourself as a person: Just a bored girl who is trying to find a nice home for the game, this server looks like it has a lot of people in my age group and beyond which is absolutely wonderful. Would just like somewhere to spend my time when not doing other things


  3. -IGN: Lady_Ceres

    -Age: 30

    -Tekkit Knowledge: I am not knowledgeable about the very advanced machines but I am ok with the basic ones

    -Do you have and use Skype?: yes

    -General Minecraft Knowledge: I have played on regular minecraft servers for a bit so pretty good, not as much to know as on tekkit

    -How long have you played Tekkit and/or Minecraft?: A few months now

    -Have you ever been banned? if so, why?: no

    -Did you read the rules?: yes

    -Do you understand that at anytime if you’ve made a server lagging project that we the staff have the right to tear it down to keep performance up?: Yes of course

    -Tell us a bit about yourself, your plans once on the server, you builds, or somethingto let us get to know you.: I have been trying to find a nice server to call home for a while now, been wandering to try them all out. I don't really have any plans for what I will build. I have a few ideas in my head and I usually just run around and look for a nice spot and then once I find one the ideas for what to make come.

    -How awesome of a builder are you?: Well I'm not as amazing as you guys who built those things in those screenshots, just wow! But I am not absolutely terrible either, practice makes perfect? :)

  4. Would be kind of fun to play a server where other WoW players enjoy playing. I am just wondering though do you have any plans on adding more plugins to your server?

    For example perhaps: factions/towny or griefprevention so that people can protect their homes.

    LWC is also a great one so that people can lock their boxes, honor systems most often do not work on this game so having plugins where people can protect their hard work is always a good idea.

    • IGN - Lady_Ceres
    • Age -30
    • Have you ever been banned? Why? No
    • Experience with Tekkit? A few months
    • Why do you want on the server? Just browsing around servers to find a nice home. Would just like to find a nice tekkit server that doesn't have a lot of the ruining EE items. I like the fact that you have to become a trusted member on the server to gain access to some of that stuff and while not my favorite eevee evolution, this server clearly has awesome people lol
    • Lots of EE is disabled. Are you alright with this? Very much so.

    I am not sure if I am allowed to request for someone else but if you could also white list S0LID_M4TTER (That is a zero, a four and all capitals) I would appreciate it. He tends to come on and play wherever I do and he would approve of the EE things being disabled as they are for sure. ^ ^

  5. I was just curious how much does it cost to create a towny town on your server and also how much is the daily upkeep price for keeping the town?

    IGN: Lady_Ceres

    Age: 30

    Location (country): US

    Have you read and agree to the rules: Yes

    Have you played Tekkit before?: Yes, I am not great with the advanced things but I do enjoy tekkit more then the regular game for the little extras that it brings.

    Have you signed up on our forums/website (not required to!)?: I will if I am accepted.

    Oh and one more question, I see that pvp is enabled at night time. What if I am in my home? Are people allowed to enter my house and kill me or if is it only permitted if I am out and about?

  6. I've been on OniCraft for about 2 weeks now and enjoy playing on the tekkit server. I along with a few friends had been searching for a good server for a while now. Most servers have terrible lag, constant crashes, severely obnoxious people or they are just ghost towns. It's so rare to find a stable tekkit, especially one that has forestry too and after being here for just a few days I knew we had finally found ourselves a home.

    Thought I'd share a pic of one of the room's in my house I thought looked spiffy hehe/



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