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  1. What type of tekkit modpack are you running and what minecraft version are you running the server on? If you could answer these I could more easily help you :)
  2. In order for me to be able to help I'll need this info: OS: Remotely hosted or home hosted server?: Java version(not really important, but can cause some bugs if it's the wrong ones): Tekkit lite version: BukkitForge version: What did you add to the basic tekkit lite folders? (every coremod that you added etc): Any code, library plugins installed? like protocol lib, spoutcraft etc?:
  3. As the new tekkit pack has been released I highly doubt that tekkit lite will be updated any time soon. To see different version click the recent changes button and select the build that is the same number in the lower left corner. Here's a 1.4.7 version if i haven't read the version wrong: Hopefully it works for you :)
  4. Tekkit lite is compiled on minecraft 1.4.7 -> all the mods are designed for the minecraft 1.4.7 "engine". This means that anything above this is using a newer "engine" -> old software can't run on newer ones. It's mostly because forge got updated in 1.5.1 to use a new type of library, that makes all the old mods incompatible with the new settings. Hard to explain really :/
  5. You are currently trying to use a 1.5.1 version of bukkitforge on a 1.4.7 mod-pack. Forge changed a lot after the 1.5 patch so you'll need to have a 1.4.7 version of bukkitforge in your coremods. Here's a link to all the different builds of bukkitforge:
  6. Tekkit lite 0.6.1 doesn't change any minecraft versions or anything, it just patches mods and so on. You can still use the latest bukkitforge on a 0.6.1 version server.
  7. The latest version of essentials include a 100% bukkitforge support. Just checked the change-log and they mentioned that groupmanager now works fully with it. It still needs to be verified, but now all permission problems should be over as groupmanager works. Link to the build that works according to the essentials devs: Link to the download page where you can download the full essentials package: Hope this fixes all the current problems that some people are experiencing.
  8. Updated list to current needs, been busy so haven't had time before this to update it
  9. You must allow flight in your server config and it might even not then work. On my tekkit classic server /fly doesn't work either so staff must either have swiftwolfs flying rings on or be i creative mode to fly. What do you mean by that it shows 3 times? Does it spam in the console or in the chat when you hit mobs?
  10. I added new links as some of them were broken and because keepcalm removed his ports of worldedit and essentials so i had to change the links also to the dev.bukkit ones EDIT: will also reinstall my testing server and test if they even work anymore. Btw try using worldguard for protections, it should work as it worked on my old testing server. Creeper explosions should also be protected now by default, but I can't guarantee anything yet
  11. Hmm yeah, keepcalm said this: So practically you will need to only download the basic versions of plugins to get everything to work
  12. He might have other stuff that he is working on also, the latest patch to bukkitforge was 4-5 days ago. Usually plugins/mods like this get patched every second week or so. KeepCalm works as fast as he can, but he isn't a A.I (at least what i know ) that works 24/7. As for coreprotect we'll have to then wait for a new fix to get it working.
  13. Holy shit over 16 200 views on the thread o_o I want to thank once again everyone who has helped out in sorting out the working/not working plugins list and soon all the plugins will work thanks to the awesome bukkitforge developer KeepCalm and his hard work on improving our minecraft experience as we know it You've done us a great deed!
  14. Here are some plugins that KeepCalm has ported to work with BukkitForge better as the normal versions has some conflicts. He has done a superb job! Thank you KeepCalm for all your hard work so far! Fixed plugins: Also updated the thread with some new plugins and i also changed the instructions to match the latest tekkit lite build.