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  1. What type of tekkit modpack are you running and what minecraft version are you running the server on? If you could answer these I could more easily help you :)
  2. In order for me to be able to help I'll need this info: OS: Remotely hosted or home hosted server?: Java version(not really important, but can cause some bugs if it's the wrong ones): Tekkit lite version: BukkitForge version: What did you add to the basic tekkit lite folders? (every coremod that you added etc): Any code, library plugins installed? like protocol lib, spoutcraft etc?:
  3. As the new tekkit pack has been released I highly doubt that tekkit lite will be updated any time soon. To see different version click the recent changes button and select the build that is the same number in the lower left corner. Here's a 1.4.7 version if i haven't read the version wrong: Hopefully it works for you :)
  4. Tekkit lite is compiled on minecraft 1.4.7 -> all the mods are designed for the minecraft 1.4.7 "engine". This means that anything above this is using a newer "engine" -> old software can't run on newer ones. It's mostly because forge got updated in 1.5.1 to use a new type of library, that makes all the old mods incompatible with the new settings. Hard to explain really :/
  5. You are currently trying to use a 1.5.1 version of bukkitforge on a 1.4.7 mod-pack. Forge changed a lot after the 1.5 patch so you'll need to have a 1.4.7 version of bukkitforge in your coremods. Here's a link to all the different builds of bukkitforge:
  6. Yes, we have been very busy with upgrading the server. We will move to the new tekkit modpack during this coming week and people should be able to join it by Monday/Tuesday. We will lock down this thread and move to a new thread on the tekkit server list
  7. Our server is now updated to 0.6.5! Mystcraft and dimensional doors have been also re-added! Also the playerlimit has been fixed and we have bumped up our server specs as we've got enough donations now! Thank you for all the donations, and your comitment to us! Also we have some new staff members; 2 new moderators and 2 new modlets! Please welcome TheTrueLMgt and MDalton as our new staff members and good luck to our new moderators hazard975 and wired2coffee :)
  8. We moved our server to another host, so it will be up later today as we start everything up again (moving server files took some time)
  9. We broke our player record! We got 34 players at the same time online! We have also rolled some updates to the server, to check them out head to our webpage:
  10. The modlets are half-moderators. They are the newest staff on a server, and they can't ban or tp to you etc. Modlets can only mute and kick people, and alongside give warnings to a player (13 warnings = 1 day temp ban). And sorry about the server being down for a time, I had to patch some major stuff and also fix some bugs with dimensional doors. Everything works now, and you are able to join it :)
  11. We are running on the currently latest and recommended build version 0.6.1 You will need to reinstall your launcher by deleting all your techniclauncher folders and then redownload the launcher.exe
  12. Okay the server is now patched into 0.6.1 , so no missing mods or anything The arenas will soon be linked up again also. I've also made a temporary shop region in the temp spawn if people need to buy vanilla stuff, I'll add tekkit items a little bit later
  13. Tekkit lite 0.6.1 doesn't change any minecraft versions or anything, it just patches mods and so on. You can still use the latest bukkitforge on a 0.6.1 version server.
  14. It's a bug that the technic team hasn't still fixed, even though i sent them a bug report last weeks Monday no one has even looked into it. But some people have been able to get the powersuit auto installed, but others haven't. I'd think that they would want to keep people playing newer versions, but apparently they won't fix the bug so you might need to install the powersuit mod yourself :/ I can link you the version of power suits that the tekkit lite 0.60 uses if you want. Did you btw install the newest technic launcher from the new website? The old launcher is a little bugged so you'll need to delete it and install the new version.
  15. You will need to delete your trchnic launcher and download the new launcher from the renewed technic launcher website. Then you even delete your .techniclauncher folder in % appdata%. Then you open the launcher and select latest build only for tekkit lite. After that you connect to and enjoy the game :)
  16. You are trying to play with tekkit lite (minecraft version: 1.4.7 and that has more/other mods) on a tekkit classic server (minecraft version: 1.2.5 that has less mods/other mods that tekkit lite has) This is the link to the right server package that you are looking for: Download the and delete all your world folders + any tekkit classic folders before applying this newer version on.
  17. Title: [Tekkit Lite 0.6.0] Server and clientside mod mismatch Version: 0.5.1 OS: Windows 7 64-bit Java Version: Any java version (for me version 7 update 17) Description of Problem: After patching my server into 0.6.0 some of my server clients have not been able to join because they are missing mods. First I thought that I could be that they used the old launcher, but after testing that it didn't work yet. The problem was that I could join my server and some other staff that had patched to tekkit 0.6 the moment it came out, but most of my clients downloaded it 1 day later. During that time a bug (i presume) appeared into the client-side version of tekkit lite 0.6 and the mod modular power suits won't be anymore downloaded with the 0.6 pack. To verify that the technic team hadn't removed modular power suits I re-downloaded the server pack, but to my surprise the modular power suit mod is still there. So this means that either currently the clients must manually install modular power suits or then every 0.6 server owner must remove/disable the power suit mod. I hope that this is not the case due to the mod being a essential part of my server. So in short term: The tekkit lite 0.6 server- and client-side versions have mod mismatches making server connecting impossible due to mods missing from the client-side 0.6.0 version of tekkit lite. Error Messages: No error messages Error Log: No errors
  18. You can fix this issue by going into your .minecraft folder in %appdata% and then by extracting the missing sound folders into the .technic folder. I had to do this to fix it.
  19. We have updated the server into tekkit lite 0.6.0! We have also remade the worlds and have started completely from scratch to prevent any bugs/glitches or chunk bugs to appear! Come and play the latest tekkit lite version with 100% bukkit plugin support!
  20. Love the new launcher and the forum already, even if it's in beta still Great job there Technic team :)
  21. We patched some plugins and some other server stuff that required us to put down the server for 20-25 minutes. Sorry for the downtime, but the server should be running perfectly now