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  1. Those blocks were never part of IC2, those belong to GregTech. Since GregTech isn't installed, you don't "need" any of those blocks or items.
  2. That, and a captcha for posting threads. Not just a captcha for registering. I'm assuming the forum software is modifiable in some way, it pretty much has to be.
  3. I'm not dead, just caught up in school work. Haven't played much modded Minecraft.
  4. Perhaps it's time to implement a Captcha system for making new topics, if you make too many new posts or topics within a certain amount of time?
  5. It can also produce lava from Netherrack, which is cheaper in terms of energy, and should result in a net gain when you properly hook it up to a Magmatic Engine. Only problem is that it can't be mass-produced like cobble can.
  6. They added micro-transactions on top of the already egregious amounts of DLC. Basically Crimefest 2015 is happening, and they promised all updates would be free. And I guess the update is free, but to actually enjoy it you need to shell out $2,50 per weapon. The micro-transactions are in the form of "weapon skins" like in CS:GO, except these ones also give stat boosts. On top of that they've nerfed most weapons (but buffed pistols to hilariously OP levels), to encourage people to offset the difference by buying stat-boosting skins. Additionally the development team is falling apart. A lot of the employees are leaving in droves. The vice-president (brother of the CEO, too) of Starbreeze, Ulf Andersson, had a falling out due to the business practices, and he's now started his own company. Naturally Overkill couldn't help but mock Ulf by portraying Wolf (the ingame character that's based on Ulf) in a negative way. It appears there's a bit of corruption in the company too, just read this. The negative reviews are slowly but surely taking over the 100k outdated positive reviews, as well. Metacritic ratings went from 7.9 to 5.0. Sales figures are dropping.
  7. Good news. Now that PAYDAY 2 is dead, I will be spending much more time here. Anyway, I still can't connect to the server. What's going on? The address is spence.mooo.com, right? It's not finding any servers at all over there. Are you sure you unblocked me properly?
  8. Alright, many thanks. Will get on later today. That's great. IC2 was really one of the things that this modpack was still missing. EDIT: It seems I still cannot get on the server. Is it on right now?
  9. Yeah, I'd like to give it a shot anyway. Unblock me if possible.
  10. Where is the server located, anyway? I've had some pretty bad experience with servers in the US, I live in Europe and mining and combat is pretty much impossible on US servers, especially West Coast. Anyway I cannot seem to join. Is the server off, or am I blocked by the firewall?
  11. Awesome, guess I'll start playing Tekkit Legends again.
  12. Where exactly is the server located? I've tried out other servers such as Enderverse for the 1.7.10 pack, but since I live in Europe and the server was in the US, the lag made it too difficult to mine or build. Blocks kept popping in and out. This seems like a good alternative.
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