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  1. With wind chill it was -20 when I left school for LA
  2. How disappointed am I that in all this time the glorious whale box has not grown.
  3. ‚ÄčAh look at all the old people popping back. I think Jorcer was around here some time ago too
  4. 7.0 But it's hard to move the circles with flippers
  5. mcmaster is banned for being coffee, and addicting the youth of the world to caffeine.
  6. If anyone is still around, I wanted to say something. I'm helping a group of people to setup a server to go public. It will have a mod pack incredibly similar to TBR's but less bloated. It'll also be towny regulated so rather than full anarchy it would be possible to stay neutral in conflict. It should be out very soon.
  7. This is exactly what all threads need. Hail turtlism!
  8. Honestly you can't even "build" a laptop, they have a far greater lack of standardization of parts, unlike desktops. Besides as dwwojcik said desktops are far superior.
  9. Yet another amazing innovative idea, I'm sure this will open all sorts of possibilities.
  10. Hello old friend it has been awhile. How are you doing with turtilism?

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