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  1. That's a problem with humble monthly. I got galciv3 a year ago and now have a spare key from the monthly bundle too.
  2. http://www.digitaltrends.com/home/gatebox-azuma-hikari-virtual-assistant-news/ Of course Japan would model its personal assistant after an anime girlfriend. Temps here keep fluctuating between -10F and +50F as daily highs, with some snow.
  3. Thread unlocked. If the useless bumps persist I will start spam cleaning the offending accounts.
  4. Hey, I am sorry, I never did see your previous post. I honestly have not kept track of the thread, I have left it in the hands of my staff which clearly failed, I will address the situation and make sure this does not happen again, only vital information be posted. I apologize for the delay in communication. If you could unlock the thread I will make sure all goes smoothly from here. (wouldn't let me msg you.)

    1. stephen92


      unlock threads*

    2. Neowulf


      Threads have been unlocked. Make sure your users know I will start spam cleaning them if they persist, which includes an automatic IP ban from the forums.

    3. stephen92


      Absolutely, thanks for the help. They have been told!

  5. Locked until such time as the stephen92 can give an adequate explanation as to why my previous post was ignored. Edit: Thread unlocked. If the useless bumps persist I will start spam cleaning the offending accounts.
  6. Just removed a spammer that was trying to give out a number to call in regards to the recent yahoo account hack. Ye gods people must be stupid if they're taking yahoo tech support cues from a minecraft forum.
  7. Just don't forget your breathing technique when pushing... that ram in.
  8. I'm curious as to what Internet Security Law he's going on about.
  9. you know more about technic launcher so i need your help. i have recently change over to java 64bit and know i cant play technic launcher. i have try restarting it, reinstalling it, i need your help.  

    1. Munaus


      Hi, I'm confused. Should I get Xplosive male enchanment or go full Black Voodoo magic to get my gf back? You know more about male enchanting and black magic so I need your help

  10. Ignoring the speculation in the video, all we got was confirmation TES6 is years away. Which does mesh fine with the MMO. It's not a WoW killer, so there is very little chance it will have large enough subscriber numbers to justify keeping the IP exclusive. Addressing the speculation. No where did Todd say a new engine, he said new technology. With bethesda, new technology usually means upgrades to their favorite engine. My personal wishlist would be better vehicles, simulation of of NPCs (simulated needs and procedural schedules, like what morrowind was supposed to have), and a synthetic voice module that hits the other side of the uncanny valley (for voiced characters that don't require recorded sound files). New Vegas 2 was entirely speculation as well. More likely they have tossed the bone to obsidian to belt something good out to keep interest up while they experiment with Fallout 5 themselves.
  11. Holyshit reddit, really? Yesterday I was pleased with myself for breaking 1000 karma after 5 or so months of actual use.Some decent posts, a couple broke the triple digits, and a couple downvoted ones I thought were rather unfair. All in all a nifty milestone. One comment I made today has garnered 2500 karma in 7 hours. It was a joke comment in an article about the japanese pole vaulter who knocked the bar off with his junk...
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